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What You'll Do:

IAA is safe haven where students practice a healthy lifestyle through sports while receiving the academic support they need. IAA offers free tutoring and basketball training to at-risk youth.

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Sports can provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in school and in life, which is why we partner basketball training with tutoring. IAA’s GOAL is to give at-risk students the academic support they need while rewarding them with athletic skills and training. Ultimately, the program also gives kids the chance to move forward with higher education and receive scholarships towards that goal.

Like college athletes, IAA students have requirements too. Students are required to maintain a B average in Math and English; if the student falls below that benchmark, the student will be placed on an improvement plan and will be required to attend 60-minute tutoring sessions before each workout. Tutors and teachers must sign off to allow lower-performing students to attend workouts.
Program Overview:
• Tutoring sessions will run from September 12 - December 5 and January 11 - May 3.
• Tutoring sessions last for one hour and are a mix of one on one and group tutoring.
• Tutoring sessions will be for English and/or math.

Student Rewards:
Basketball Sessions
• As a reward for grades and tutoring, students will receive basketball training. The workout groups will be divided between beginner and intermediate levels.

Tutoring/Volunteer Overview:
• Volunteers will be required to complete a background check free of charge prior to working with students.
• Tutoring will be in math and/or English
• Volunteers will help tutor the boys and girls basketball teams.
• Tutoring sessions will be held after school during study hall once a week from 3-4.
• Biweekly progress reports will be sent to each teacher
• The goal is to have 2 volunteers per session
• Sign-ups for tutoring sessions will be done via a weekly online calendar. There will be separate sign-ups for math vs English tutors.
• Google Hangouts and Google Classroom will be used for the online tutoring platform.
• Community service hours will be approved for student volunteers
• Tutoring will be held at Riverside high school located in Durham, North Carolina.

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3218 Rose of Sharon Rd, Durham, NC 27712, USA

3218 Rose of Sharon Rd, Durham, NC 27712, USA

3218 Rose of Sharon Rd, Durham, NC 27712, USA
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