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What You'll Do:

Courage Cards are something you can do by yourself or with a group. Materials needed can be simple (paper/crayons) or more elaborate (card stock/stickers/stamps/etc.) depending on what you'd like to do. All cards will be going to kids that are inpatient at Duke and UNC Children's Hospitals.


Appropriate for group service projects

Must be 18 years or older, or 5 years or older with parental supervision

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We have been working closely with the hospitals (both UNC and Duke Children's in the area) to see what a consistent need would be. What we've found is encouraging/positive cards that help boost patients spirits while in the hospital and help with keeping kids of all ages in a positive mindset and mood is needed. Having a positive outlook is critical in recovery as well, which is where the cards have come into play. The Courage Cards are an easy way to make this happen. You would need supplies such as cardstock/paper, pens/markers/colored pencils/etc., stickers, stamps and other creative materials. Envelopes are not required, but can be used. Cards can be signed by the person/team creating them, simply from 'a friend' or not at all. There is a lot of freedom in this project and it is up to the individuals/teams to be as creative as they wish to be. All cards will be going to kids that are inpatient at Duke, UNC, Wake Med and James & Connie Maynard Children's Hospitals. Courage Cards are not your typical get well soon cards. The only rule to follow is to not use the phrases "get well soon" or "hope you go home soon" (or similar wordings). These cards are meant to be encouraging, hopeful, cheerful, happy, inspiring, motivating and uplifting to the children receiving them. You are limited only by your own imagination with this project, however we ask that cards have clear/legible messages.

Courage cards are for patients of all ages, but we are finding that most have been designed for younger kids. A need that's present now is for pre-teen and teen cards. Joke cards are always a hit and when they are geared towards teens, the jokes can be more edgy/comical than ones designed for elementary ages. We've also gotten feedback that teens really appreciate small gift cards ($5 or $10) with their Courage Cards that show people haven't forgotten about them and allows them some normalcy to grab something for themselves at Starbucks/Target/Chick-fil-a/etc. This of course is something that can be done if your budget allows, but is not necessary to complete the project.

All materials need to be supplied by you or your group and can be mailed to Zach's Toy Chest, PO Box 1013, Holly Springs, NC 27540 or other arrangements can be made by contacting Zach's Toy Chest directly at info@zachstoychest.org



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Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:  
Feb 15, 2020, 8am - Feb 15, 2021, 8am 846 Sign Up! Adopt as a Group