Community Outreach Coordinator


SOAR Outreach

What You'll Do:

Community Outreach Coordinators oversee the planning and implementation of outreach strategies. They are primarily responsible for connecting with schools and community organizations by creating partnership agreements and cultivating relationships.


Appropriate for group service projects

Appropriate for court-ordered service

Must be 18 years or older

Additional Requirements:

5-10 hours a week commitment communication skills, marketing, outreach



hey will represent the nonprofit and work with the management team to develop and implement initiatives that increase company visibility within the surrounding community.

They will need to be self-motivated, enthusiastic and community-driven to take on this exciting role. This position requires someone equipped with a positive attitude and readiness to be a team player.


Maintain a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, workshops, appearances and other communication opportunities.

Nurture new and old relationships with collaborative partners.

Schedule regular outreach exhibitions in the community and educate employees on community responsibility.

Prepare accurate records and reports on community outreach.

Corresponding to emails and phone calls.

This position is part-time hours between 10-15 hours a week and requires that you work office hours 9am-4pm.
This position can also be worked remote.

We want someone with excellent communications skills who is a self-starter, computer savvy, and who has no problem going outside of the office and network with other businesses. It’s important that this person is well organized, has multitasking skills, and is has a positive attitude. As much as education and experience is important to work here, it is also vital that you are a caring and compassionate person. You will be talking to important families everyday, so it is imperative that you have a positive and caring personality



No location specified.


Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:  
Dec 13, 2018, 8am - Dec 31, 2019, 8am Shift Filled!