Fashion Design Team


Building Bridges over Barriers

What You'll Do:

B3 is looking for individuals that have a passion for fashion and bringing awareness to the community. The fashion design team will work our director of Merchandising in making clothes that can help build the Building Bridges over Barriers brand while educating the community.


Skill: Graphic Design

Skill: Photography

Must be 18 years or older



Building Bridges over Barriers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that prides itself in serving at-risk youth basing the foundation on empowering youth through athletics, education, and mental health awareness. Building Bridges over Barriers mission is to connect the youth with community resources to help bridge their gap to success.

Building Bridges over Barriers is very excited about 2019 and all the great things we have in-store for the year. As we continue to expand and inform more communities of the B3 movement, we are expanding our ways in impacting the world through clothes. This year we are introducing the Building Bridges over Barriers clothing line. Our goal is to use our clothing line is to bring awareness to various topics that impact our communities. We are looking for 3-5 individuals that have experience in making clothes (screenprinting included) and that all want to make a change in the community.



No location specified.


Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:  
Jan 5, 2019, 12am - Jan 5, 2020, 12am 2 Sign Up!