Socks & Undie 5K Rundie Peer2Peer Campaign Ldr


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What You'll Do:

The P2P Coordinator will develop this new program for our April race and beyond. He/She will recruit and coach high-level volunteers and partners and communicate messaging strategies to provide support to increase fundraisers success. Experience reqd

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Participant Recruitment & Development: Develop positive interactions with individuals, corporate, faith community, our members of our student leadership programs and friends & family teams through recruitment, mentoring, and providing comprehensive support to achieve personal fundraising plans.
Identify target audiences and implement appropriate recruitment and fundraising strategies to successfully recruit, acknowledge, and retain participants.
Identify opportunities to network with corporations, community groups, schools and key donors to engage them in the campaign.
Develop opportunities for stewardship and recognition so participants feel valued and excited about ongoing work with NITP. Help craft appropriate messaging, scheduling and reminders to support the success of all those committed to fundraising through their S&U 5K team. Ability to use race website tools needed. We use Run Sign Up.

This opportunity has passed.


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