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All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas

What You'll Do:

ALLBARC is currently working to expand to help more animals in need. As many of you know, ABARC Acres, our 5.25 acre farm offers us a lot of opportunity; however, in order to get to where we want to be, we need help maintaining the property as it is now.

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We need your help! We are in the process of rolling out Phase I of our major renovations and expansion project at ABARC Acres. We are calling it ABARC Village. If you've been to the farm you may remember the sheds and small buildings along side of the driveway. We want to clean these out, paint and turn these buildings into work and recreation spaces for visitors and our team. Currently, we have 6 sheds/outbuildings of different shapes and sizes:
-THE NURSERY: This is where the puppies live and play. We need to line the walls with linoleum for easy clean-up, build a second pen for more puppies, put up sheet rock and paint and create an indoor play area for volunteers to come spend time with the puppies.
-THE TINY BARN: Our goal with this building is quite unique and will require some work. We want to turn the barn into a place people can come and stay over night for a "Puppy Playcation": An opportunity for volunteers to come and spend time with puppies and help out at the farm. "Voluntourism" is a growing trend and a great way to get involved with a cause you truly love. In order to offer Puppy Playcations, we need the Village finished and the mini barn needs to be ready for couples and small families to spend the night. The mini barn has a loft where two people can sleep and a lower area that can be set up like a playroom for volunteers and dogs.
-THE SALON: A small outbuilding to be used for grooming. We have all the equipment to set up a cool little salon for all our rescues, whether they stay at the farm or not. When we bring someone new to the farm, one of the first things we do is clean them up and photograph them. Having a salon will allow us to have one place to keep all our supplies and treat our guest to a doggy spa upon arrival and get them all clean and fresh for visitors.
-THE STUDIO: This small outbuilding will be set up as a studio to take amazing photos of all our animals. We want to have all the lights and equipment t ensure we get the best pictures possible and show off the rescues in literally the best light. We would love the help of local photographers for this building.
-TINY MEETING HOUSE (x2): Over the next year, we want to add two tiny houses to our village. These will act as offices/additional "Puppy Playcation" rooms for large groups.
-STORAGE SHED: We have lots of stuff and need help organizing and storing it in an easy to find fashion.
-ABARC FOREST: Behind the village is a small wooded area the previous owners used for additional storage and it needs cleaning up. We want this area to be a fun, safe and beautiful wooded area folks can come and relax in after a fun day of volunteering on the farm. This will include building a patio, gazebo and stringing lights in the trees. (Are you starting to envision what this place will look like when we are done?)

ABARC Village also needs landscaping and a path from one building t the next, so we need people with gardening experience, construction experience as well as people who don't mind a little work or getting a little dirty. Does this sound like you?

This opportunity has passed.


39 Tants Way, Zebulon, NC 27597, USA

39 Tants Way, Zebulon, NC 27597, USA

39 Tants Way, Zebulon, NC 27597, USA
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