SwingPals school-based and virtual coach



What You'll Do:

SwingPals school-based volunteer coaching - join our experienced coaches in making a difference in the lives of students who are in need of additional resources. Opportunities exist throughout the school day at various Durham middle schools and in our after-school program.

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SwingPals teaches Durham public school students mindfulness and emotional regulation skills so they may perform better in school and at home. Through our unique programming, and alongside our expert coaches, you will help students develop self-confidence, emotional agility, and leadership skills in a caring environment so they may live healthier and happier lives. Coaching takes place in the gymnasiums and in the classroom with students learning tools to transition from experiencing negative emotions to experiencing positive emotions. In addition, you will introduce students to cutting-edge biofeedback technology and teach them how to use this software so they take it back to their classrooms to help manage stressful situations more effectively.

Impact Statement:

This opportunity has passed.


Baptist Rd, Durham, NC, USA

Baptist Rd, Durham, NC, USA

Baptist Rd, Durham, NC, USA


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