Attorney Position Available on Executive Board of Global Charity


CDH International

What You'll Do:

CDH International currently has an opening for the Attorney's seat on our Executive Board of Directors. This seat requires an attorney in the state of North Carolina.


Skill: Lawyer/Legal

Must be 18 years or older



The Board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month virtually with physical meetings once a quarter (in non-pandemic years).

Our charity has had an attorney on our Board until recently when he needed to step down because of a personal emergency. He left some contract work undone that we need finished and we need someone to help oversee the legalities of having 6 nonprofits under our name.

All Executive Board members are required to make 10 out of 12 meetings per year, attend our annual Masquerading Angels Ball (in Raleigh) and are encouraged to join in other charity events including; lobbying in DC for medical research, attending our annual patient family conference, attending important medical conferences. Travel is sometimes necessary to events but only attendance at local events are required.

Board Members are also expected to help raise awareness, fundraise and contribute to the cause.

Our charity is 25 years old, award winning and in 2020 we created NGO's in Switzerland, the UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong (with separate Boards). We are the world's oldest and largest charity for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and have the responsibility of saving the lives of 10,000's of children every year. We expect our Board Members to take this responsibility seriously, to be active in their roles, support our employees and members, and make sure the charity is funded.

We also all get along very well and try to have fun when we can while dealing with something so serious. The best perk of this role is meeting the kids and the families that we serve and knowing that we are making a real difference.

Impact Statement:



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Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:    
Jan 8, 2021, 1am - Jan 1, 2022, 1am 2 Sign Up!