Board of Directors for Happy Hens Egg Cooperative


Wildwoods Farm

What You'll Do:

Join our Board of Directors- We are starting a new Farm Project- It's an Egg Cooperative! Local families will get to share in fresh eggs and share in the care of free ranging happy hens.


Appropriate for group service projects

Appropriate for court-ordered service

Must be 18 years or older



Our local community is joining together to farm together! Our nonprofit Educational Farm is starting The Happy Hens Egg Cooperative. You can join in this amazing project.

What it takes to be part of the Board of Directors. A one year commitment and on average you will need to dedicate about 5 hours. We will focus on organizing the new cooperative; organize volunteers and teams to build the chicken coops; raise the baby chicks; and we will set budgets, animal care calendars, create the website and work on outreach so local families can join in on the fun of the cooperative.

The Happy Hens Egg Cooperative is a new way to combine the humane care of animals and getting locally sourced fresh organic eggs!

About the Project:

Each family or individual who joins as a member will pay a one time join fee of $250 which helps to pay for the fencing, chicken coop, and supplies. Then help with the monthly costs of food and those individuals who want a hands on experience can assist in the raising of the baby chicks or the care of the chickens.

Impact Statement:



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Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:    
Mar 20, 2021, 1pm - Mar 20, 2022, 1pm 10 Sign Up! Adopt as a Group