Children's Storytime Reader


Durham's Partnership for Children

What You'll Do:

ATTENTION: We have filled our slots for our 2nd session of Readers as Leaders! The session runs Feb/March to June 2016. In the meantime, contact for other volunteer opportunities DPFC has to offer.


Must be 14 years or older, or 12 years or older with parental supervision

Additional Requirements:

Volunteers must pass a background check provided by Durham's Partnership for Children before beginning their volunteer service. The volunteer will not incur any fees associated with the screening process.



Do you love working with young children? Would you like to support their early literacy and language development? If so, please join Durham's Partnership for Children's Readers as Leaders Volunteer Program and read to a group of young children at a local Child Care Center.

Children's Storytime Readers will support the Readers as Leaders Volunteer Program through Durham's Partnership for Children (DPfC). Readers as Leaders is a volunteer-based reading program whereby DPfC matches each volunteer with a child care site in Durham County conveniently located near their home or office. Volunteers will read to groups of young children, birth to age 5, at their designated site on a recurring basis. Volunteers will select the age group of their preference.

The goal of Readers as Leaders is to prevent later reading difficulties by helping children acquire the necessary language, cognitive, and early reading development required for continued school success. Volunteers use the power of friendship to help excite children about reading. By exposing them to high-quality language-and-print rich environments, children will attain the fundamental skills necessary for optimal reading and cognitive development in preschool and beyond.

Time Required:
We require a minimum commitment of two hours a month for at least four-months. Volunteers will read to children during regular business hours; this opportunity is not available in the evenings or on the weekends. We have two sessions: 1st Session will be from August to November, 2nd Session will be from March to June. Please Indicate which session you are interested in!

Impact Statement:



1201 South Briggs Avenue, Durham, NC 27703, USA

1201 South Briggs Avenue, Durham, NC 27703, USA

1201 South Briggs Avenue, Durham, NC 27703, USA



Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:    
Nov 1, 2015, 1am - Oct 31, 2050, 1am Shift Filled!