Help deliver life saving blood to areas hospitals. One to two 3-4 hour shifts per month. Red Cross Car provided. Pick up car and blood from Durham Red Cross Chapter 4737 University Drive. URGENT need for 5-8pm shift.
Power Hour is a comprehensive homework help and tutoring program
Assist in leading a sport or activity in the Gym such as coaching indoor and outdoor sports or managing a Games Room tournament
If you have a wide imagination and a unique artistic ability leading an arts & craft activity might be right up your ally!
Examples include organizing storage closets, painting walls, weeding gardens, prepping softball fields, clearing trails, building benches, and bus washing.
Will work with the President to develop and implement a fund-raising plan for the organization.
Do you like puppies? We have the job for you. A puppy needs proper, appropriate and regular socialization in order to grown into a well-adjusted adult dog. Come and spend a few hours with our pups and help them get ready for their forever home.
In JA Career Speakers Series, a volunteer guest speaker visits the classroom and shares information about his or her career, work, and education experience.
The JA High School Experience is a series of semester-long, experiential, blended learning courses designed to empower students to own their economic success.
Open Table Ministry operates a "Free Store" twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and we need volunteers to help us staff it!
The Community Platform Intern will help research and create an online community platform for International Focus members and ex-pats. Candidates will have strong research skills and a knowledge of how online communities work as well as creative ideas for implementation.