Volunteer Program Planning for 4 Philip Dot Org


The Cause

Founded in 2010, 4 Philip was the dream of founder Eric Hart as a memorial to his late son, Philip who died unexpectedly on November 7, 2009 from an undiagnosed case of Addison’s disease. Since that time Eric has raised more than $20,000 to support research at Duke Children’s Hospital. 4Philip dot Org is North Carolina’s only non-profit organization promoting research and a cure for Addison’s disease. Our vision is to make sure that life saving medication is widely available for those suffering from adrenal shock and to fund research into the causes and treatments of adrenal disease.

The Challenge

We would like professional help to help us establish a plan to recruit and sustain a governing board of directors and volunteers who are passionate about helping those affected by adrenal disease.

The Project: Volunteer Program Planning

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now – April 30): 31-33 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • A 1-2 page assessment summary highlighting areas of strength and weakness in the organization’s current volunteer recruitment and retention strategies.
  • A 3 year Volunteer Program Plan / timeline.
  • Volunteer job descriptions or updates to existing job descriptions, profiles, and outreach plan and messaging for up to 5 top volunteer needs.


This project would be a complete game changer for us! This would help us as an organization to re-establish ourselves within the community and increase our impact across the state. A governing board and volunteer base committed to helping shape and driving forward our mission would do wonders for us. This would help us to raise awareness of Addison’s disease and our mission, raise more money for research, and ultimately have a greater impact across the state.

The application for this project is now closed, if you are interested in taking on this project or something like it, contact volunteer@activategood.org for more information.