Grantwriting for the Helps Education Fund


The Cause

The Helps Education Fund (HEF) is dedicated to supporting educators and improving learning outcomes for students. To promote student success, HEF provides research-supported materials and services to teachers and parents, and to promote educational equity, we offer additional support to schools serving a high percentage of students who live in conditions of poverty. A fundamental goal of the Helps Education Fund is to use collaborative partnerships between researchers and practitioners to develop and evaluate critically needed teaching tools (e.g., reading and math intervention programs) and provide those tools and services for free or at the lowest possible costs to educators.

The Challenge

As this tiny, historically volunteered-led non-profit transitions into a full-fledged organization with a full time Executive Director, we are in need of establishing a more systematic approach to fundraising and grantwriting. Strengthening our fundraising abilities is crucial to our sustainability and growth, so we are able to continue to provide effective educational programs to teachers and students.  As our new ED focuses on multiple priorities to strengthen organizational systems and program impact, we seek an experienced Development professional to us help identify and prioritize grants and funding strategies. To support the goals of our strategic plan, we will need a comprehensive and achievable fundraising / grant writing plan.

The Project: Grantwriting

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now through April 30):

36-38 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • 5 recommendations for new grant sources that align with the organization’s needs.
  • A calendar / timeline showing deadlines for new grants.
  • A grant proposal with up to two rounds of revisions the organization can submit for funding and re-use for future grant applications.


Having a Development professional work with the Helps Education Fund (HEF) will be a game changer for our organization. As the HEF grows and develops a solid operating system, it is crucial we create a successful grant writing system. Over the years HEF has secured funding from a few foundations and grants, however we are at a pivotal point in needing to become more successful with identifying ‘good fit’ funding streams and submitting applications that support our goals. To have expertise in grant development in 2016, will allow us to make tremendous gains in moving our organization forward –ultimately achieving a greater impact for struggling learners.

The application for this project is now closed, if you are interested in taking on this project or something like it, contact for more information.