Web Development for Loaves and Fishes


The Cause

The mission of Loaves and Fishes is to empower low-income K-12 youth and their families to overcome individual challenges in order to achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives. We accomplish this through out-of-school programming using a long-term, relationally-based, holistic approach to development that involves enrichment of the mind, body and spirit. We strategically collaborate with schools, non-profits and other community organizations to provide critical support to the youth and families we serve.

The Challenge

Loaves and Fishes has an existing website that includes the ability to submit generic donations. We have increasingly had opportunities for people to assist us by making purchases at or through partner organizations. This is labor intensive and requires us to impose on Board members, staff and volunteers for activities that are relatively low-return individually but could have nice returns if handled electronically. We would like a web-development professional to work with us in modifying our current website to allow for our staff to enter promotional opportunities that require order taking, payment and fulfillment.

The Project: Web Development

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now – April 30):

31-34 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • Integration and set-up of up of a commerce / online shop plug-in on the website that allows the organization to showcase items for sale, accept and track orders, payments, and shipments.
  • Host a training workshop (no longer than 2 hours) for staff and select volunteers on how to utilize the commerce / online shop plug-in.


This completed project would have an impact on our ability to raise funds from non-traditional sources in the near term and a more significant impact in the future as we become more creative in finding similar opportunities. By addition of these capabilities, new fundraising opportunities will be available and the time of Board members and volunteers can be directed to community relations, service delivery in support of our mission, and strategic activities.