Videography for Marbles Kids Museum


The Cause

Marbles Kids Museum is a hands-on, minds-on museum that inspires imagination, discovery and learning through extraordinary adventures in play and larger-than-life IMAX experiences. Museum exhibits are designed for children 10 and under, and the Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre on campus caters to adults and children with a complete calendar of feature and documentary films.

The Challenge

Marbles Kids Museum is an extremely visual and high-energy environment with an infinite number of moving and captivating moments perfect for video and photography. However as a nonprofit organization, with tight operating capital, we do not have the resources to professionally capture those moments. As such, we have relied primarily on the generosity of local professionals, students and amateurs for our video and photo content.

In particular, with an ever increasing number of school groups visiting the museum we have a need to be more efficient in our museum operations to create a better overall experience for those groups and for the overall population of visitors. We’d like to create a short tutorial/educational video for school group visitors that can be hosted on our website and viewed by school teachers, students and chaperones prior to their visit. We believe this will better prepare each group for their visit and create an improved experience for all guests visiting Marbles Kids Museum.

The Project: Videography

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now – April 30): 32-44 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • A fully edited short tutorial / educational video (no longer than 10 minutes) for school group visitors
  • A quality b-roll of play in the existing exhibits for future promotions


This project would have a significant impact within our organization to include a better internal staff experience, but more importantly a better overall customer experience for the school groups and other museum visitors. This project could help to promote our school visits, at the same time allowing us to serve a larger number of school visitors without a negative impact to the museum’s operations and overall guest experience.

We believe, based on our Educator Advisory feedback, that a tutorial video on school group visitation would greatly enrich the visit for our school groups. In addition, we believe that the video will help streamline school group visits, which has a positive impact on our staff and our non-school group guests. An improved visitor experience could ultimately lead to an increase in field trips, general visitation and a higher-caliber Marbles experience.