Grantwriting for Sustainable Alamance


The Cause

The mission of Sustainable Alamance is to use bold and innovative thinking and community development approaches to connect those members of the community facing employment discrimination and resulting in generational poverty to local economic resources. Our vision is to build a stronger and more sustainable community, not only by promoting wise use of local natural and economic resources, but by identifying, developing and including underutilized human resources that are effectively prevented from participating in the local economy. Sustainable Alamance was founded by Phil Bowers in 2008 after he learned that previously incarcerated men and women in our community face steep, and sometimes seemingly insurmountable, barriers to employment. Inspired by this startling fact, Phil began to think about how we as a community can change these negative perceptions, and he created Sustainable Alamance to help those community members with criminal records restart their lives in productive and meaningful ways.

The Challenge

We are a very small organization with only two full-time staff members, neither of which has any formal training in grantwriting. We seek the advice and consultation on this matter so that we can identify grant opportunities best suited for the work we do as well as ensuring our projects and proposals are communicated in an effective manner. The opportunity to work with an Activate Good “Pro Hero” is more pressing than ever for Sustainable Alamance because we are now being recognized and sought out as the “go-to” agency for re-entry services. We would like a professional grant writer to evaluate our current grant writing practices, identify strengths and weaknesses of said practices and propose strategies for better identifying grants and increasing likelihood of being awarded future grants.

The Project: Grantwriting

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now through April 30th):

28-32 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • A 1-2 page report highlighting the organization’s grantwriting strengths and weaknesses.
  • 5 recommendations for new grant sources that align with the organization’s needs.
  • A grant proposal template to be used in future grantwriting efforts.


This project would have a significant impact on our ability to serve the community. As previously mentioned, we have a very small staff and thus time is a commodity we never seem to have enough of. By having the guidance of a professional grant writer we would have a more strategic foundation for fundraising, both in terms of time spent on identifying and completing grant applications as well as income generated from discovered grant opportunities. Furthermore, we have a major project that we have identified but are unsure of the best way to seek funding. The consultation of a grant writing professional would mean a fundamental shift in our organization and  would put us in a better position to guarantee the financial diversity and sustainability of our organization. 

The application for this project is now closed, if you are interested in taking on this project or something like it, contact for more information.