Videography for We Plant it Forward


The Cause

The mission of We Plant it Forward is to bring health and well being to humanity through tree planting and educating people about the benefits of trees. We Plant it Forward is a result of the growth a tree planting initiative started by the Agni Institute. 

The Challenge

We need help communicating what we do to potential funders and the general public in a way that is clear, dynamic and engaging. By delivering a clear, dynamic message, we hope to secure sustained financial and community support and engagement. The success of our work is evident through the positive feedback we get from teachers/parents and students. We would like a videography professional to produce a short promotional video to put on our website. The video would showcase the work We Plant it Forward does with elementary and middle school age children to educate them about the benefits of trees, how trees grow, the role trees play in the ecosystem, and hands on tree planting activities and tree giveaways.

The Project: Videography

Estimated Volunteer Time (Now through April 30):

19-25 hours

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End Result

The project will result in the following deliverables:

  • A fully edited 3 minute promotional video for We Plant it Forward.
  • B-roll of footage future promotions.


This video will expand our reach and provide a dynamic resource for us to showcase our work with school age students. We will use it to tell our story to potential funders, volunteers, and community partners. We also hope that the video will engage people that visit our website and encourage them to explore our programs. By showcasing the enthusiasm of the participants in our events that results from the work we do with them, we will attract more interest to help sustain our ability to fulfill our mission: to restore and preserve the natural environment through tree planting and educating the community about the benefits of trees.

The application for this project is now closed, if you are interested in taking on this project or something like it, contact for more information.