Remote Volunteer Project: DIY Family Essentials Kits

Remote Volunteer Project: DIY Family Essentials Kits

About The Project

There are many local folks – families as well as individuals – who do not have sufficient access to many basic household and personal care resources. Getting supplies like these has been even more difficult throughout the pandemic – and even more important! Volunteers of all ages can help by grabbing a few extra items on the next trip or order and pre-assembling kits for our Community Partners to distribute in their networks! Make this a project you do from home, and share with your networks and friends!

See Items List and instructions here!
(*NOTE: Please CALL each location before you gather supplies / drop off your assembled kits as their participation may have changed.)

Remote Volunteer Project Instructions

**Check that all liquid items are closed tightly!**

Step 1:

Choose which type of kit(s) to make – or make both types to go together as a set!

Step 2:

Choose your container: Depending on which kit type(s) you are making, use either the laundry basket or tote bag as your receptacle in which to place all other kit items.

Step 3:

Arrange the bulkiest and heaviest items first in your base container, and ensure liquids stand upright.

Step 4:

Pack any soft items around the sides to prevent breakage and leaks (for example, we suggest laying the towels along the sides of the basket, and saving one to put on top to tuck everything in!).


Step 5:

OPTIONAL: Add a note of encouragement! Break out the colored pencils and craft a personal note to let the recipient know you care! (We won’t know the specific family your kits are going to, so please avoid overt religious references and gendered language that may not be relevant to them!) Put your cheerful card into the kit

Step 6:

All done? Contact one of the distribution sites below to arrange drop off your completed kit(s)!

Additional Notes / F.A.Q.:

Can we add even more things to the kits? 

If you’d like to do a little something extra, we suggest adding some quarters to help with laundry or some fun puzzle/activity books. It is not permitted to add any marketing, promotional, political, or religious items to kits.

What if we can’t find all the items on the list for a type of kit?

We know some products may be hard to find (like disinfecting wipes).  Just do the best you can – alternatives that get the job done are absolutely welcomed!  The suggested quantities are for a family of 4, if you prefer to adjust for more or fewer folks, that’s also awesome. Every contribution helps!

How many kits do we have to do?

Any number of kits, big or small, will be greatly appreciated! There is no shortage of need right now.

Thank you for your help!

Drop Off Assembled Kits!

*Note: Please contact distribution sites to arrange drop offs.*

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