About Signs for Good

Amazing things happen when creative people dream big. Activate Good, a 501(C)3 nonprofit volunteer center in the Triangle is no stranger to big, audacious goals.

Earlier in 2018, Activate Good announced their goal to help make the Triangle Area #1 in Volunteerism in the United States. Accomplishing such a goal will take not only more partnerships and hard work, it will require fostering an environment of kindness, service, community, and unity.

Inspired by other inclusive yard sign campaigns, Activate Good has decided to pursue the marketing, not of their services, but of their values: Kindness. Volunteerism. Creating positive change.

We proudly announce the Signs for Good project. A project inspired and created by people who believe that we can each make the world a better place in our own unique way, and that, together, those individual impacts culminate into positive world change.

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.” – Barbara Mikulski

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do these signs support?

Signs for Good are a campaign for kindness and do-gooding created by Raleigh, NC-based nonprofit Activate Good. Activate Good’s mission is to¬†activate volunteers to help charitable causes in our local community. These signs have no political affiliation.

Where do I put my Sign for Good?

Signs for Good are meant to be displayed in your front yard, in your window, or even in your business’s display case. They are bright and colorful to catch attention so that the world knows you stand for kindness, goodwill, and a better world.

How much is a Sign for Good?

Signs for Good are available for a minimum $8.00 donation per sign. You are also welcome to donate more to support the cause, or even buy a sign for someone else to pay it forward! Signs can be purchased on our Get Your Sign page.

Can I get my sign in a different color?

Right now, Signs for Good only come in one color.

How can I share this message online?

Share your signs and thoughts with us on social media using the hashtag #signsforgood or email us directly at info@activategood.org. You can also follow us online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

I want to do more! How can I help?

In addition to spreading the message, find a way to take action and do some good! Activate Good is trying to find volunteers to fill volunteer needs shared by over 400 charities in the Triangle area, NC. Learn more about how you can help outside of the Triangle area or state of North Carolina, too.

I live in or near Raleigh, NC. Can I pick up my sign instead of paying for shipping?

Yes, we’d love for you to come visit (and let you save on shipping!) We are located at Loading Dock Raleigh. As our schedule keeps us in and out of the office sporadically, please, no walk-ins. If you order your sign for pick-up, pickup hours are by appointment only.

Activate Good
1053 E. Whitaker Mill Road
Suite 115
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 578-2280