Speaking of Women’s Health

Speaking of Women’s Health

We were excited to represent Activate Good on July 28th at the Raleigh Convention Center for the Speaking of Women’s Health event! Speaking of Women’s Health is committed to helping women take better care of their health, well-being and personal safety. The mission of the event was to excite, motivate, empower, and elevate women. Most importantly, the event aimed to provide women with opportunities they couldn’t find elsewhere in regards to health and improving their overall lifestyle!

The event oozed fun from the very get-go.  Guests arriving at the scene were greeted by upbeat music and women dressed in orange boas. Next, guests could stop at a dress-up photobooth and try on crazy, outlandish costumes and hats and pose with friends to make some instant memories!  A wide variety of exhibitors were available with a wide range of information on weight loss, vitamin and meal replacements, proper bra selection, Alzheimer’s awareness and more. There was also a live show on healthy cooking to entice guests to cook more consciously at home for their families. Guests were also encouraged to join in demonstrations of pole aerobics, belly dancing and hoop dancing!

Brittany and Mary manned an Activate Good booth and engaged several guests in exploring the conference’s “Find Your Passion!” theme. Guests visiting the Activate Good booth discussed their interests and discovered volunteer opportunities that would allow them apply their personal passions to helping a local cause. Brittany and Mary handed out volunteer passion “trading cards”, each listing a different volunteer opportunity, and encouraged guests to trade them to learn about to different options to give back that matched their personal passions!

Activate Good was thrilled to meet all kinds of amazing women who were eager to find out about ways to help local causes. These wonderful ladies were also full of stories about their own volunteer experiences and we were so glad they stopped by the Activate Good table to share them!

The event was an outstanding success surrounded with positive energy and helpful information to change women’s lives for the better–spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Thanks to Speaking of Women’s Health for letting us share our passion for volunteerism and for allowing us to help others find theirs. For more information on this event and future events, visit http://www.swhraleigh.com.