Meet Rabbi Eric Solomon

“Hesed is the Hebrew word for lovingkindness. It is an act that makes God’s love manifest in the world. When I do an act of hesed for another person who is struggling or in need, I am bringing God’s love into the world.”

Rabbi Eric Solomon (He/Him/His)  contributed the following story for the Solidarity Through Service Campaign.


There is an idea in Judaism that when one is sad or spiritually struggling, the remedy is to do a mitzvah—a commandment or a good deed. Why?

I remember asking a woman in my congregation who suffers from a debilitating illness that severely limits her mobility and makes her very fatigued why she calls so many mourners in our congregation and writes notes of condolence.

Rabbi: Doesn’t it take a lot of your limited energy?

Congregant: It’s the opposite, Rabbi,” she responded. When I hear the voice of a mourner on the other side of the phone, listen to their pain and then they thank me for lifting their hearts—it’s then that I feel so much better. It’s like I’m flying.

That’s the power of Mitzvah!

Solidarity Through Service

Solidarity Through Service is an impact campaign designed to bring people together across faiths and cultures through volunteer service. The campaign is in partnership with International Focus in recognition of “International Human Solidarity Day” declared by the United Nations General Assembly as December 20th.

Activate Good believes that acts of service are a vehicle for increasing empathy and understanding for people across differences. When we serve together, we are all helpers, united in solidarity by purpose – despite any differences in race, nationality, faith, or other factors.