Solidarity Through Service: Naghmeh Taefi

Solidarity Through Service: Naghmeh Taefi

Meet Naghmeh Taefi

“I’m a Persian woman who immigrated to America for better education and opportunities due to religious persecution in my country. I was in middle school when I came and since then I have developed a strong connection to that age group and coordinated activities for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program which aims to empower that age group to bring out their true talents and abilities.  

Baha’i Faith

 In the Baha’i Faith, attention is given to a community-building process that aims to strengthen the intellectual and spiritual education of children, junior youth, youth, and adults in the community.

This is a truly rewarding and transformative service as we grow individually as well as helping the community grow as a whole. This age group has so much potential and ideas, they just need someone to help them channel their energies into something that’s positive.When I was in middle school, I had so many ideas and innate willingness to help others and wished I had a mentor who would guide me during difficult times of transition from childhood to youth.

When I began helping the junior youth spiritual empowerment program, it was like mentoring the younger part of me by helping other middle school aged kids enhance their power of expression to make a difference in their school and community.


Solidarity Through Service 

Solidarity Through Service is an impact campaign designed to bring people together across faiths and cultures through volunteer service. The campaign is in partnership with International Focus in recognition of “International Human Solidarity Day” declared by the United Nations General Assembly as December 20th. 

Activate Good believes that acts of service are a vehicle for increasing empathy and understanding for people across differences. When we serve together, we are all helpers, united in solidarity by purpose – despite any differences in race, nationality, faith, or other factors.

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