Support the Families of Newtown, CT

Support the Families of Newtown, CT

We’ve gotten a few inquiries from compassionate Triangle-ites on how folks down here can show our sympathy and support for the families of the victims of the tragic school shooting that occurred in Newtown, CT, a few days ago. Every one feels the pain and heartache of this event; it is difficult not to feel helpless in the face of such senseless violence, especially a few states away where providing direct support may seem like a challenge.

There are a few ways we can help, and we’ve compiled some resources for you.

Show Support with a Contribution to a Cause Assisting Victim’s Families

This article was helpful in highlighting some of the CT causes working hard to assist the families of those lost, including groups like Newtown Parent Connection, United Way of Western Connecticut, and Newtown Youth & Family Services.

Create / Submit a Message to the Wall of Love

This online, interactive “wall of love“, created following the horrific shooting, is designed to collect messages of sympathy and hope from people around the country. Create and submit your own message here.

Sign the Sandy Hook Elementary School National Sympathy Card has launched a national online sympathy card. You can view and sign it here.

Send a Teddy Bear through Operation Fuzzy Wuzzy II

We’ve been in contact with Julie Butler, one of the organizers of “Operation Fuzzy Wuzzy“, a group collecting teddy bears for the children of Newtown, CT as a show of comfort and support. We’d like to share her message with you. Note that the address she gave us is updated from the one posted on the news story linked above.



[quote]Thank you so very much for your message of support and willingness to help. I have received an overwhelming response to something I truly thought would just be local – just a few surrounding towns – but instead our hometown paper’s website posting has gone viral, and I have emails from all over the country. Incredible.

I think we may wind up with bears for every resident of Newtown … which may not be such a bad thing. A good friend who is a Newtown elementary school teacher in one of the other two schools, said, “even the grownups could use a bear.”

Please mail any teddies to:

New Canaan Fire Department
60 Main St.
Canaan, CT 06840

They most likely won’t be distributed until after the holidays, but would like to receive them by Dec. 28, if possible.

If you would like to make a monetary donation in lieu of the bears, please donate to a fund being set up to help residents in Newtown cope with the aftermath of this senseless tragedy:

My sincere appreciation … and awe,  Julie Butler[/quote]

As we hear of additional ways to be of support to these families and the citizens of Newtown, CT, we will be sure to update this post.