Teen Volunteering

Whether you’re an individual teen, or the teen leader of an extracurricular club, you’re likely here for one of several reasons, like wanting to do good for others, exploring your interests, and more. Perhaps you recognize the overall benefits to volunteering as a teen, or more specific health benefits. Required hours for school or your club may also come into play. No matter the reason, there are options available, and we hope they help you overcome any obstacles to volunteering for you and your friends!

Inquiries about the contents of this page, planning a youth group service project, finding a service opportunity for yourself or your family, or other volunteering questions can be sent to schools@activategood.org.

Group Volunteering

If you want to get a group involved in a volunteer project together, we can help!

Mark Your Calendar

Activate Good can match your group to a project during one of our three main Days of Service each year: Teen Days of Service in April, the 9/11 Day of Service in September, and Family Volunteer Day in November. To stay updated by email about these special events and others, we suggest joining our mailing list, through which we send alerts and group interest forms for Days of Service. You can always learn more and stay up-to-date on our Days of Service page too.

Community Days

For groups that want to volunteer, but need a day other than one associated with an Activate Good Day of Service, we’re able to work with you in one of two ways:

  1. If you have a budget, we can help you organize a project on your campus to benefit a local cause. This would likely include a larger scale portable project (see section below). This is a great option for groups with transportation obstacles, or that are looking for ways to engage a broader school community. Submit your request for a proposal here.
  2. If you do not have a budget, we can offer matching and referrals to causes and projects away from your school’s campus – at no cost to you. Submit your request for a referral here.

For either of the above group opportunities, please have an adult adviser or supervisor for any school or youth group review our School & Youth Group page for more information. For referrals, please be sure to review the responsibilities of your group before your project adoption.

Creating a Volunteer Group on ActivateGood.org

Another free service we provide is the ability to create a volunteer group on ActivateGood.org. This allows you to create a group, invite your members, adopt projects with the “Adopt as a Group” button, track signups and print rosters, mark attendance and print reports. To learn more about this function on our website, we offer a series of YouTube tutorials (videos 13-18).

Portable Projects

Teacher appreciation kits are tokens of kindness.

What is a “portable project?” A portable project involves tasks that volunteers can complete away from a cause’s location to help their daily operations or the people, places, and animals they serve. Examples of past portable projects with Activate Good include no-sew blankets and cat toys for shelter pets; laminating, cutting, and assembling class activities for teachers; flash cards for underserved youth, and more. Portable projects can be suitable for groups or individuals.

We encourage you to scout the current need of any organization first, as needs change throughout the year – and capacity to accept donated items can change too. To help you in these cases, we’re happy to make an introduction to the appropriate contact at a specific organization you’re interested in. Reach out to us for suggestions! If you’re interested in starting your own project, find tips here!

Funding, Reflection & More

Service learning is important. But do you know what it really is? Technically, service learning can be anything that incorporates a cycle of learning with community service. This can range from asking questions or conducting short interviews with the nonprofits you’re volunteering with to reflecting on your personal experience or observations while volunteering – and more. If you’re looking for ways to deepen your understanding of community issues, your volunteer experience, nonprofits and other topics – or possibly seeking funding to support your service work, visit Learn, Reflect & Support (Page Coming Soon!).