"The Money Maker" (alias Jamie Hahn) Runs to Our Aid

“The Money Maker” (alias Jamie Hahn) Runs to Our Aid



It may be no coincidence that Pro Hero Jamie Hahn is considering training for a half-marathon, because she’s certainly running to the aid of two local nonprofits: the Helps Education Fund and the Raleigh City Farm.

Hahn may seem like a mild-mannered fundraising consultant, but she spends her days at her Raleigh-based company, Sky Blue Strategies, fighting for social justice, advocating for children, combating poverty, and saving the environment. In short, she is the Pro Hero known as The Money Maker.

And now she is working with Activate Good to contribute her time and expertise to two growing nonprofits.

The Helps Education Fund works to increase basic literacy in reading, math, and writing both nationally and internationally, using research-driven, low-cost or free materials to HEFlogohelp teachers and students achieve their goals. The Money Maker will be working with the Helps Education Fund to help it gain the funding it needs to hire employees and increase its annual budget so it can reach even more classrooms. The fund’s founder and director, John Begeny, declares that Hahn “should be described as a superhero” for her efforts.

horizontal-rcf_RET_tw.large_Beginning with its location at 800 North Blount Street, Raleigh City Farm already has started to transform urban areas into farmland and build sustainable communities. The Money Maker will be helping Raleigh City Farm develop a strategic fundraising plan that will allow it to supplement produce sales, recruit more volunteers, reach more community members, and continue enabling city-dwellers to re-imagine their world. General Manager Ryan Finch says that Hahn is “bringing a wealth of ideas and creativity to help shape our development plan. We’re enjoying working with her and are grateful for her time and energy.”

Both organizations are in good hands: Hahn has been helping nonprofit and political organizations through fundraising assistance and counsel throughout the Carolinas for a number of years. She is skilled in developing comprehensive fundraising plans, assessing the most effective strategies and methods for individual clients, and making sure those plans become reality.

Hahn says, “I feel that my contribution to helping this community, this state, this world is helping these great groups reach their potential and carry out their important programs.”

Spoken like a true Pro Hero, Money Maker! Long may you run.

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This volunteer spotlight is part of Activate Good‘s Pro Heroes Month, a month-long initiative to complete pro bono volunteer projects benefiting chosen nonprofit partners and to highlight professionals who use their skills to volunteer. Learn more about this special initiative at www.activategood.org/proheroes.