The “Super Ordinary Haircuts” (alias Myriad Media) tell one cause’s extra-ordinary story

The “Super Ordinary Haircuts” (alias Myriad Media) tell one cause’s extra-ordinary story


The Myriad Media team may have “super ordinary haircuts,” but their super powers of do-gooding and videography are extraordinary. The Super Ordinary Haircuts team of pro heroes – which includes Myriad Media’s Drew Grimes, Tina Haver, Kent Willard, Malia Campbell, and Marshall Alderman – has been making videos in Raleigh for 20 years and owes their success to the local community. For this April’s Pro Heroes Month, the Super Ordinary Haircuts are putting their #1 core principle – Help People – to work to help the Raleigh City Farm tell their story through video.

Raleigh City Farm, located at Blount Street in downtown Raleigh, works to turn unexpected downtown spaces into beautiful and nourishing farmland, and encourage others to do the same. Having just celebrated their one-year anniversary, Raleigh City Farm needed a video to show their progress and tell their story for the future to inspire volunteers and potential supporters.

That’s where the Super Ordinary Haircuts of Myriad Media came in. According to Drew Grimes, “the notion of doing a traditionally rural activity like farming in an urban environment is perfectly in line with [Myriad Media]’s values. We like to see how all of life’s ingredients mix together.”

Ryan Finch, Raleigh City Farm’s General Manager calls the Super Ordinary Haircuts the “dream team.” “Their innovation, experience, professionalism and preparedness are making this project so easy! We feel absolutely secure and incredibly excited they will deliver an end-product that surpasses all expectations.” Says Finch.

For the professional heroes of the Super Ordinary Haircuts, the pro bono video project brings equal excitement, and pride. “I’m really fired up about the Raleigh City Farm, and all the good things happening on Person and Franklin Streets,” says Tina Haver, Myriad Media copywriter. “Raleigh City Farm truly provides a service for the public, and represents part of what’s great about downtown Raleigh. Our community is so willing to share their time and talent, and I hope to echo that through my own work on this project.”

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This volunteer spotlight is part of Activate Good‘s Pro Heroes Month, a month-long initiative to complete pro bono volunteer projects benefiting chosen nonprofit partners and to highlight professionals who use their skills to volunteer. Learn more about this special initiative at