Contributing to a better understanding of Triangle causes

Get out there and volunteer. Bring back what you’ve learned and share it on the Wiki!

Contributing to a better understanding of Triangle causes

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Raleigh, Durham, or around the Triangle? See our up-to-date list of needs from hundreds of local nonprofits.

Understanding Triangle Causes

As our community began to feel the impacts of COVID-19, Activate Good wanted to check in with our network. In April, we conducted interviews with 45 of our community partners. As a result, our Community Partner Coronavirus Challenges Report highlighted the themes that emerged. One insight was that there’s room for improvement regarding the public’s understanding of issues our partners work to address.

How this insight is shaping Activate Good’s path forward

Over the next year, Activate Good will work to integrate educational elements into volunteer activities and training. By pairing education with volunteer action, we can help the community have a better understanding of Triangle causes. We can’t solve problems unless we understand what they are. In this blog, we’ll explore how Activate Good’s Triangle Cause Wiki can serve as a critical learning resource to educate our community about Triangle causes.

How the community can help increase understanding of Triangle causes


To start, spend time getting to know more about the causes in your community. Read articles on local issues and review organizations’ websites. Additionally, you can attend informational meetings with many of our community partners. If you’re interested in virtual volunteering, you can gather information for Activate Good’s Triangle Cause Wiki, where we invite the community to crowdsource facts, data, and stories.

Businesses and Funders:

Leaders in business can amplify knowledge of Triangle causes by sharing educational content with their teams. If you want to do more, incorporate educational components (presentations, post-event discussions, etc.) into volunteer activities your teams engage in. Lastly, encourage your team members to be Activate Good’s “virtual researchers,” contributing content to our Triangle Cause Wiki.

More about the Triangle Cause Wiki

The Triangle Cause Wiki is a collaborative knowledge base about Triangle causes.

Anybody can be a virtual researcher or contributor! To participate, pick a cause that you’re passionate about, seek out and collect trustworthy information about this issue, and submit it online, here.

Feed the Wiki to better understand Triangle causes

We know folks are busy! One person may not have time to research all the issues, so why not share the effort?

Collectively, we can build an amazing knowledge base about Triangle causes. By collaborating, we can save time, which can be spent on more volunteering! Additionally, learning from others can give us a perspective we might not have found through our own research.

“We wanted to come up with a way to share information about local issues and connect those issues directly to action,” said Amber Smith, Activate Good’s executive director. “Each page of the Wiki will link to volunteer opportunities.” You can have an impact on an issue you just learned about!

Use the Wiki for virtual volunteering

This summer, many college students are unable to complete intern or volunteer hours due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Triangle Cause Wiki has become a great way for these students to volunteer, learn, and contribute. With all the virtual researchers contributing in the next few months, we will be well on our way towards our goal of understanding Triangle causes!

You can view or contribute content related to the following issues:


Arts and Culture

Children and Youth

Community Engagement and Volunteerism

Crisis Support, Emergency and Safety

Disaster Relief



Family Wellness and Domestic Abuse

Health and Medicine

Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Immigrants and Refugees

International Causes

Justice and Legal

Persons with Disabilities

Poverty, Employment, Homelessness, and Hunger

Race and Ethnicity


Veterans, Military Families, and First Responders

Finally, get out there and volunteer. Bring back what you’ve learned and share it on the Triangle Cause Wiki!

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