Volunteer 'Elves' Transform InterAct for Holiday Bazaar

Volunteer ‘Elves’ Transform InterAct for Holiday Bazaar

The weather outside was indeed frightful, but the atmosphere inside of InterAct of Wake County was buzzing with warmth as nearly 100 volunteers poured in, many bearing unwrapped gifts, food and decorations for the ‘Elf Party’.  The Elf Party is a special event, hosted by and for InterAct in preparation for their annual Holiday Bazaar.

Amidst the excited chatter, there were handshakes, introductions and hugs, followed by undulating waves of silence and applause as the Broughton High School Chorus sang familiar holiday songs. And then it was time to get to work!

Elf Party to Benefit InterAct Holiday Bazaar

InterAct’s Annual Client Holiday Bazaar

The Holiday Bazaar is for families who have utilized InterAct’s services over the past year. The local community rallies together, donating gifts for both moms and for children, and the outpouring of support for the families InterAct has served is nothing short of moving.

This year, InterAct will be hosting it’s Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 14, 2013. InterAct already has more than 80 families and over 200 children scheduled to attend the Holiday Bazaar this weekend.  During this time, families will come in and go shopping for one another, at no cost to them.

If you’re in the local area, InterAct still needs your help before this Saturday rolls around! Check out the following link to find out what the remaining needs are:

Volunteering as ‘Elves’ to Help Set Up the Bazaar

Activate Good Volunteers at InterAct

The volunteers who attended the Elf Party were there to help transform the inside of InterAct into a store. And just as elves would do, the volunteers worked quickly, efficiently and happily as they organized and arranged toys, ornaments and games. They also put their creative skills to use, creating a winter-themed photo booth backdrop for family picture-taking. Activate Good volunteers were given the special task of decorating the Christmas Tree.

Rooms with a Purpose

Different rooms were set up with different themes and purposes in mind for the actual day of the Bazaar. Once families arrive, they’ll be able to get their picture taken with a fun, winter-y backdrop (created by the volunteers).

Volunteers also set up unwrapped gifts in a designated room, according to age and gender. Because of this, moms will be able to go in and shop for their children without feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of gift options available.  InterAct also provides wrapping supplies so that adults can take the gifts home and wrap them for their children.

Diverse Gifts for Diverse Families

Just as the gifts are diverse, so are the families, with some ranging from single moms with one child to those with 10 children.

While the moms are shopping, the kids will also be shopping for their moms; and InterAct provides the children with gift baskets that they can choose from to give to their mom. Once they’ve made their selection, InterAct staff members help the children wrap their gift for mom. The staff members stay with them in the “Candy Cane Lane” room, playing games and keeping them entertained until the moms are ready to get them checked out to go home.

InterAct also supplies the moms with disposable cameras so that they can capture the memories of Christmas morning. As one key staff member explained to the crowd of volunteers:

“We’re allowing moms to pick out the gifts that they want….You see the gratitude from these families, that they are not just surviving but thriving….And to see how the community cares about them…and wants them to be able to have a special moment at Christmas time with their families… it’s really special.”

Activate Good volunteers with InterAct staff

About InterAct of Wake County

For more than 35 years, InterAct has served Wake County and its twelve municipalities as the only provider of comprehensive services for all victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. InterAct functions as Wake County’s lifeline between families in crisis and safety, and the support of the entire community is a critical part of this lifeline. Check out InterAct’s upcoming volunteer needs and get involved!