Triangle Cause Wiki

What is the Triangle Cause Wiki?

Welcome! The Triangle Cause Wiki is a new collaborative knowledge base about Triangle area issues that can be tackled by locals through volunteering.

Why the Wiki? To be the most effective volunteers and community problem solvers we can be, we need to understand the issues our community faces. Through the Triangle Cause Wiki, we hope to be a resource for folks hoping to learn more about local issues and how they can act on them through volunteering.

Got 5 minutes or a few hours? Contribute knowledge to the Triangle Cause Wiki! Review how it works below, then click here to submit content as a virtual researcher and contributor so we can grow the base of knowledge around causes in the Triangle!

How It Works

Anybody can be a virtual researcher or contributor to the Triangle Cause Wiki! To participate, pick one of the issues on our list that you’re passionate about, seek out and collect trustworthy information about this issue, and submit it online, here.

Submissions to the Triangle Cause Wiki will be reviewed once per month. Submissions that meet our criteria below will be published on the relevant Wiki pages to be shared with the world! If your submissions are not approved, we’ll let you know and explain why.

Criteria for Content Submissions

We’re hoping anybody and everybody will be a part of developing the Triangle Cause Wiki! Interested in submitting content to be reviewed? Make sure content submitted meets the following criteria:

  1. Fact-based content about an issue or cause in the Triangle that can be impacted by volunteer action
  2. Content is not already covered in the Wiki, or adds significant new information to existing topics
  3. Derived from objective studies or data published by nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, or other reputable sources
  4. References and links to original sources are included with every submission
  5. Submission is free from political, religious or other bias
  6. Submission does not contain an advertisement, promotion, or attack on individuals or organizations
  7. Content is consistent with Activate Good’s mission and Code of Ethics
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