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Human Trafficking

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About Human Trafficking in Our Community

Overview of Issue Impacts

The US National Human Trafficking Hotline has handled 51,919 cases since 2007- which is only a fraction of the total human trafficking cases in America. Human trafficking is a serious issue. However, many believe that human trafficking only consists of sex trafficking and only affects females. Yet, human trafficking targets vulnerabilities that exist in all genders and races and also includes labor trafficking. 

According to the US National Human Trafficking Hotline (Polaris), the top five risk factors for human trafficking include the following: recent migration/location, substance use, unstable housing, runaway youth, and mental health concern. Human traffickers use threats, economic control, isolation, emotional, and physical abuse to trap their victims. As a result, this makes it extremely difficult for human trafficking victims to find help (1).

According to Polaris, in North Carolina alone, 853 victims of human trafficking were identified in 2018. It is a very prevalent issue within our own state, and within the Triangle especially. This makes NC in the top 10 states with human trafficking. Additionally, according to the map on the Polaris data page, the Triangle is a hotspot for human trafficking within the state. One of the best ways to help is to identify and learn the signs of human trafficking and speak up if something seems to be off (2).

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