Remote Volunteer Project: Virtual Storytime Readers

Remote Volunteer Project: Virtual Storytime Readers

This project has ended and is no longer accepting videos. We so appreciate your interest!

About The Project

Activate Good is partnering with Learning Together to empower future readers! We’re looking for volunteers to model read aloud practices by creating videos showcasing you reading a story in a fun, engaging way. Modeling reading helps children learning how to read practice and improve!

You know that look of wonder and joy that children get on their faces when they listen to someone read a story to them? Volunteers are invited to record a video of themselves reading books in order to spark children in this way. Virtual volunteer readers can provide a positive experience for children who are currently missing the classroom setting due to COVID-19. Help support an upcoming generation of readers!

This project is great for individual volunteers (ages 12 and up!) OR groups / families, with the ability to record teleconferenced videos! Great for team-building!

Skills Needed: Ability to read and a desire to spend time inspiring children to read!

Equipment or Materials Needed: 

  • Pre-K/ Kindergarten books
  • A recording device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.)
  • BONUS (Not required): We encourage you to get creative with your attire (wear a hat, costume, etc),
    background, etc., perhaps theme all of this based on the book you choose to read!

Remote Volunteer Project Instructions

Step 1:

Sign up to be a Virtual Volunteer Reader HERE!

Volunteers should be ages 12 and up (if youth are volunteering, Sign Up form must be completed by the legal guardian to give consent). We’ll invite you to a file sharing site where you can upload your video when it’s complete. (signing up on behalf of a group volunteering together? Be sure to share that on the sign up form!)

Step 2:

Choose your children’s story or book to read. Stories should be appropriate for ages ranging from 18 months to 5 years old. Need a few ideas? Check out THIS LIST.

Step 3:

Record a video of yourself reading the story, as if to a child or children, in a fun, engaging way! Accents, costumes, props, and more are highly encouraged!

GROUPS: Try recording your video using teleconference software, with each volunteer adopting a “character” from the story and reading back and forth! FUN!

Your video should include…

  • Introduce yourself by your first name OR a fun character name!
  • The name of the story you’ll be reading
  • Interactive elements, such as asking the children watching the video to repeat words or phrases back to you, or questions the children might answer while they watch!

Step 4:

UPLOAD your completed video to our file sharing site (provided via email after you sign up). All videos will be reviewed before shared with families served by our friends at Learning Together.