Welcome to volunteer community 2.0

Welcome to volunteer community 2.0


You may have noticed a few changes to our website over the past week! Since this past spring, we’ve been working hard to collect your feedback on our website and use that to roll out the next phase of our online volunteer system. We launched ‘Volunteer Community 2.0’ on August 20 and it’s up and ready for actionHere are some of the ways 2.0 is different:


Improved Existing Features

  • Past users can still use their same password: If you had an account on our site before August 20, don’t worry. You can still sign in with your same username and password. If you’ve forgotten what that is, you can use the password reset page to get it.
  • Faster and simpler: 2.0’s interface is faster and simpler, allowing you to navigate pages to find volunteer opportunities of interest with greater speed and ease.
  • Get more information about volunteer opportunities before signing in: Now you can learn more about the volunteer opportunities you might be interested before having to sign in or sign up for an Activate Good user account.

A Few New Features

  • Really fast user account creation: We’ve streamlined the user account sign up process – no account activation is required. If you click the link to create your user account while you’re looking at a specific volunteer opportunity, the system will take you right back to it once you sign in.
  • Sign in with Facebook: Also, you can use your Facebook account to create your user account and utilize one-click sign in after that!
  • Create and invite groups – as many as you want: Want to invite your friends to volunteer with you? No problem. You can use our ‘create a group’ feature to sign them up for a volunteer opportunity (after they’ve given you their permission, of course). They’ll get a quick email asking them to confirm that they indeed wanted to sign up with you, and once they confirm, they’re all set to join you for some friendly volunteering.
  • Special Events: Planning and hosting our large scale Days of Service is easy as pie. Now when we want to set up a special day of service that includes multiple varying service projects, we can set up a special event and invite nonprofit partners to submit projects that will work for the day. Then, all volunteer projects associated with the special day are listed on the event page there so they’re easy to find!
  • Private volunteer opportunities: When you want to invite your company, civic club or other group to volunteer with you for an exclusive service project, we’ve got the solution. Now, we can create a private volunteer page just for you. We’ll give you the link to the private page and you can share it exclusively with those you want to volunteer with. Voila!

The Future

The sky is the limit. Over the next several months we hope to work on:

  • Adding more ways to search and filter out the volunteer opportunities you’re most interested in.
  • Further integration with the major social networks, so you can share, connect, and even help promote the causes and volunteer needs you care about.
  • Introducing opt-in alerts for volunteers: You’ll be able to choose which causes or skills needed you want to receive alerts for – so you always know the latest needs for causes you’re interested in, or when your special skills are needed. You’ll be able to easily opt-out (or opt back in later) any time you want to stop receiving alerts or if you want to change which alerts you’ll receive!

We’re excited about the possibilities and how these new features – and those in the works – will help bolster volunteerism in Raleigh and the Triangle. Have other ideas for useful features? Let us know!