Volunteering During a Pandemic

Volunteering During a Pandemic

Volunteering (and other activities) During a Pandemic

Our lives have changed drastically in the past few days, due to COVID-19 and social distancing mandates. In addition to changes to how we volunteer, many other activities have shifted. Spring breaks have been extended. Movies have been released to streaming services early. Everyone knows way more about how Zoom works now. Teachers I know are scrambling to convert their in-person classes to online models: “Welcome to Your Hastily Prepared Online Course“.  For many of us, a bit of humor helps get us through the day. 

My dog hasn’t learned to elbow bump yet

Getting Creative

Activate Good is full of gratitude for the amazing nonprofit community in the Triangle. Organizations are working non-stop to serve our most vulnerable populations, but it can be hard when social distancing is the new normal. We have to get creative. We must mobilize volunteer action in a new way.

Some local nonprofits and citizens are already doing that. Activate Good has an ongoing, up to date list of urgent volunteer needs pinned on our Facebook page and on our website. A Place at the Table and other nonprofits are posting needs on Instagram. Activate Good started a Facebook Group to help address isolation. I’m coming across new inspiring stories every day involving innovative ideas. 

Remote volunteering during a pandemic

We’re also gathering interest from those who want to volunteer remotely.

Now, as much as ever, we are inspired by our volunteers, new and old. Cesely Smith, a stay-at-home mother of four, said, “I wanted to volunteer because I really love to give back. In times like we are facing it is very difficult to find opportunities where you can give back.

Bryce Arghiere wrote to us saying, “My parents raised me to value giving back to my community, and I have tried to do this consistently as an adult. With the coronavirus limiting our activity, I have not been able to volunteer in ways that help the Triangle area, where I used to live.” They both responded to our call for remote volunteers.

This morning, I joined a virtual yoga class with my favorite teacher, which was new to many of us. It was comforting to see familiar faces and know that others were joining us from all over the country. 

May times like these prompt us to appreciate what we have and how this challenge can expand our capacity. Onward! And Namaste.


Take Action

Take Action

Check out hundreds of volunteer opportunities with causes around the Triangle area and volunteer to make an impact.

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