The Good Hub... What's That?

The Good Hub… What’s That?

Amber Smith, Founder and Executive Director, Activate Good
Amber Smith, Founder and Executive Director, Activate Good

A few years ago, I was invited to imagine the future of volunteer service in America and share my thoughts in a guest article for Fast Company. In that article, I shared the beginnings of our dream for a new approach to inspiring people to get involved in their communities – launching an engaging, welcoming physical space where community members from all walks of life could actually come inside and discover ways to do good. Since then, our team has named the vision for this space “The Good Hub”.

Now, Activate Good is finally launching the effort to make this space – The Good Hub – a reality.

The Good Hub aims to be a one-stop-shop for discovering ways to serve and impact a variety of community causes.

A person entering The Good Hub will have the opportunity to learn about our community’s critical issues and causes through engaging, interactive displays. They’ll have the option to sit down with friendly “volunteer connectors” who can recommend volunteer opportunities that fit their interests. They can jump right in and participate in walk-in or planned volunteer activities on site. And the amazing nonprofits Activate Good partners with will be invited to occupy offices and coworking spaces in The Good Hub, raising awareness about their work and benefiting from the time and talents of visitors seeking ways to do good.

Why The Good Hub?

We believe that a community’s values must be apparent in its physical landscape. If the Triangle values compassion and action, why not provide a community space where those things can come to life? In today’s digital world, people are increasingly isolated, disconnected, and disengaged. We need to make authentic human connections possible in order to empower every person in our community to be a part of changing it for the better. Activate Good will always maintain its online platform to promote volunteer needs, but we hear the call to offer our community another pathway to connect – one that is as personal, inspiring, and energizing as a person’s decision to help.

In 1994, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras coined the phrase “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (or BHAG) in their book, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. A BHAG is a bold, outside-the-box challenge. It’s a moonshot. It’s a dream so scary but so important that it keeps you up at night and fuels you when you wake up in the morning.

Our BHAG is The Good Hub. And we’re currently, actively looking for a space in Raleigh to launch it.

A major endeavor like this is going to take a lot of work, time, resources, and especially love. I want to make sure you’re in on the ground floor of this dream to the extent you’d like to be.

Here’s how you can get involved at this stage:

Learn a little more about our vision

Check out a few slides outlining our vision for the space below. Visualize. Dream. Get excited!

Follow our Social Media pages for The Good Hub

We’re just getting these started, but help us out by giving us a ‘like’ or a follow!

Stay in the know about news, events, etc. – Sign up to get updates

If you’d like to stay in the loop and get hot-off-the-press updates as we make progress on making The Good Hub a reality, let us know here. Over the next several months, we may be conducting “pop up” events, conversations, and more to get things going.

Thank you again for all of the ways you’ve supported us with your time, talents, and contributions in the past. I’m extremely excited about our journey forward, and taking that journey with you!

Take Action

Take Action

Check out hundreds of volunteer opportunities with causes around the Triangle area and volunteer to make an impact.

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