Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out?

On June 25th, a group of energetic Activate Good volunteers (including several of our board members) joined with youth and adult volunteers from Haven House Services to give Roxie, a dog in Garner, the life that all dogs deserve–One free to romp, jump, fetch, play, nap and relax without the confines of a heavy chain.

“This was one of those projects where teamwork literally was key – it took a few people to hold up the fence, a few to get the posts in the ground, a few to secure the fencing. Every one had something to contribute toward our end goal of building a fenced in area where Roxie, the dog, could run around freely and happily!” ~Amber from Activate Good

We want to thank one of our nonprofit partners, Haven House Services, for joining us in this rewarding experience.  Haven House Services is a nonprofit agency helps struggling young people and their families develop positive and successful relationships at home, at school, and in the community. Youth and staff from Haven House Service worked hard to put together Roxie’s fence with us! Wendy Hunt of Haven House services had this to say about the day spent doing good:

“The kids really enjoyed the whole project! It’s definitely a change of pace from the work we usually do. The kids all love dogs and the opportunity to be around animals. They really enjoyed seeing the dogs released into their new fences. We hope that our Agency can partner with Activate Good in the future and look forward to new learning about opportunities for the youth that we serve!” ~Wendy

See a video clip of Roxie, the dog we built the fence for, as she discovers her new fence!

About Coalition to Unchain Dogs

In 2006 in Durham, NC, Amanda Arrington and a handful of volunteers met at a coffee shop to begin work toward getting anti-tethering legislation passed in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Amanda and her crew later had the revelation of building fences for dogs around the area to free them from their chained prisons that many of them endured day in and day out in unbearable weather conditions.

This group later became known as the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. They now have 4 chapters in North Carolina and one in Atlanta, Ga.  Not only does the group provide a clean fenced in area for the dog, but also a clean space inside the fence that is continually maintained and checked by area volunteers. These dogs are also given the chance for a fully funded spay or neuter to control pet population. To combat the heat, cold, rain and other inclement weather, the coalition also provides the dogs with its own personal dog house to reside in!

The Coalition for unchained dogs service to our four legged best friends can’t continue without the help and activism of volunteers!  If you are interested in unchaining a dog near you, check them out: Visit their website or check them out on Facebook.