Why I Volunteer

Why I Volunteer

Alecia has been been one of our volunteer bloggers this year! Learn about how she was inspired to start volunteering!

“There’s something about helping people that makes me appreciate the beauty of humanity. As a child, this was something I gravitated to instinctually. 

As an elementary school student, my dad and I volunteered through our church to deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly parishioners of our congregation. Providing company and a hot meal seemed simple enough, but to see the way it touched our community left a lasting impact.

In high school, I spent one summer helping as a volunteer counselor at Cape Fear Museum’s summer camp. At the time, it felt like I’d won the lottery. I got to work with bright and curious young children and learn more about science and history. 

Once I started college, I decided to continue volunteering by working with Relay for Life. At that point in my life, my mom was a two-time cancer survivor who greatly benefited from the generous resources provided by the American Cancer Society. It only felt natural to help further a cause I deeply believed in.


When I graduated college and began my career, I still had a need to volunteer. I ended up discovering Activate Good through a local news story and spent time as a volunteer for North Raleigh Ministries helping update their system that aids local families with food and resources. 

Currently, I volunteer for Activate Good as a blogger and I still feel like a young girl who won the lottery. I have the privilege of learning about the community, helping others and fostering my life long love of writing. I hope to inspire a legacy of hope, compassion and kindness.”