Highlighting Workplace Volunteering

If you have a special idea in mind, or if you have questions about employee volunteerism, please contact us at corporate@activategood.org

Highlighting Workplace Volunteering

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Raleigh, Durham, or around the Triangle? See our up-to-date list of needs from hundreds of local nonprofits.

Workplace Volunteering

An employee volunteer program is defined by Points of Light as “a planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to effectively serve community needs through the leadership of the employer.” Workplace volunteering can provide many benefits to your company and its employees. Companies are getting creative with their volunteer efforts!

Our friends at Insight Software shared these pics of their team volunteering at Marbles a few weeks ago. They revamped the garden for spring🌷!

Stories of Workplace Volunteering during COVID19

  • Genworth & HZO are finding ways to support seniors, such as participating in Kindness Calls with Activate Good.
  • BASF is hosting a virtual food bank and a Science Club on ABC11 for student/teacher interactions. They are also matching employee donations.
  • Captrust is hosting a virtual food bank and making masks for heroes.
  • Merz has online learning for employees and an intranet with info for doing good. They’ve also done a donation drive for the healthcare industry and are matching employee donations.

Workplace Volunteering Research

Workplace volunteering has become more widespread and important. America’s Charities research shows employee volunteering at work is now the second most important component of employee engagement programs. It’s also the #1 motivation for workplace donors

More companies are prioritizing volunteering and employee giving programs. “They have seen the results: improvements in recruiting and retention, employee satisfaction, leadership and skill development, brand value, innovation, community relationships, employee health, and more.” – Charities.org

58% of employees engage in volunteer time through the workplace

Why have an Employee Volunteer Program?

  1. Increased Employee Engagement and Retention

According to the 2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey, 89% of Americans believe that companies who sponsor volunteer activities offer a better environment than those who do not. Engaged employees are good for the bottom line too; companies with engaged staff have 12% increased profitability, 18% higher productivity, a 62% decrease in safety incidents, and up to a 51% decrease in turnover (Gallup). 

  1. Increased Attractiveness to Job Seekers

An Employee Volunteer Program makes your workplace more attractive to potential employees. A recent study from Stanford discovered that 77% of MBAs feel that a reputation for ethics is as important as financial benefits in selecting a job. In fact, 97% of those surveyed said they would be willing to accept reduced financial benefits to work for an organization with a better reputation for ethics and corporate social responsibility!

  1. Improved Corporate Visibility

In addition to the benefits provided by publicizing your volunteer activities through traditional and social media, having a vibrant Employee Volunteer Program can improve your company’s reputation. According to a McKinsey Global Survey, CFOs, investment professionals, and corporate social responsibility professionals agree that maintaining a good corporate reputation is the most important way that workplace volunteering creates value.

Have Questions?

If you have a special idea in mind, or if you have questions about employee volunteerism, please contact us at corporate@activategood.org.


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Take Action

Take Action

Check out hundreds of volunteer opportunities with causes around the Triangle area and volunteer to make an impact.

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