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When you join our Monthly Giving Community and choose for your membership to be part of our Youth Givers Program, we will send a thank you note to your child as a fun way of including them in the giving process!

Youth Philanthropy is important – and makes a difference

Research shows that involving young people in philanthropy at a young age increases the likelihood that they’ll engage in service as adults. As Sheryl Seller says, “in successful youth philanthropy programs, adults recognize that young people understand their communities and are capable of making decisions that help their communities thrive.”

Activate Good wants young people to know that they can make a difference. Because of that, for over 10 years, we’ve developed, promoted, and led youth-friendly service projects and opportunities for teens and families to get involved! Here are a few of our latest highlights on that front:

Teens Change the World! Service Club

Activate Good’s year-round service club focuses on supervised group teen service projects. This club (named Teens Change the World!) engages teens while improving their leadership skills. As members, teens are invited to participate in as many events as they like, complete necessary service hours, and invite their friends to join in!

Youth Givers Program

When adults model kindness and giving, kids notice. So, if you sign up as a monthly giver, you can choose for your membership to be part of our Youth Givers Program. We’ll address our thank you note and future correspondence to your child as a fun way of including them in the giving process. Watch Lucy open her thank you card!

Youth are more likely to volunteer when they have friends and family who volunteer and when they are engaged by their schools, youth organizations, and religious groups. – Youth Service America

Youth Philanthropy Research

A study of the Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project found positive outcomes at the individual, organizational, community, and regional levels. According to the report:

  • Youth philanthropy is an effective means of youth development. Young people develop skills, knowledge, confidence, and leadership abilities. They start to perceive themselves as leaders.
  • Unsurprisingly, young people continue to volunteer their time, donate money to charitable causes, and serve in leadership positions at higher rates than the general population after participating in youth projects
  • Many community organizations cited in the report are starting to change the way their organizations involve youth in their work.
  • Youth grantmakers worked to pass a law allowing people ages 16 and older to be voting members on nonprofit boards.

All children need the chance to make a difference in their families, at schools, and in their communities…Young people want to be involved in making the world a better place; however, far too many lack meaningful opportunities to contribute. (www.americaspromise. org)

We want our youth to know:

You have a voice.
You can make a difference.

A young girl holds a flower
A young girl holds a flower in downtown Raleigh, NC on the morning of May 31, 2020.


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