Family Volunteer Day 2023 Volunteer Details

Family Volunteer Day - Event Day Details!

We are very excited to have you and your family with us all this Family Volunteer Day. 

This year, are very fortunate to have twelve organizations join us to participate in this special day and they have created amazing projects your families to complete!

Adults and Children Learn and Serve Together
Activate Good uses our Learn and Serve model to promote:

  • new knowledge of community needs
  • understanding of their fellow community members
  • empathy and feelings of connection.

Registration Required
This is a FREE event, however, space is limited, so parents/caregivers must register for the shift of their choice prior to the event. Choose 1 of two shifts:

Project Stations

Find out who has joined us this year for Family Volunteer Day! Learn about the projects that you can do with each of our community partners and go to the stations that you are interested in!

1 - Note in the Pocket - Socks & Undies Drive & Notes of Encouragement

Note in the Pocket’s mission is to provide quality clothing to homeless and impoverished children and families with dignity and love.

Along with a socks and undies drive to give to families in need, volunteers will get to write notes and draw pictures of encouragement to wish their students luck in the upcoming school year!

2 - Book Harvest - Book Drive & Bookmark Making

Book Harvest provides an abundance of books and ongoing literacy support to families and their children from birth and serves as a model for communities committed to ensuring that children are lifelong readers and learners.

Volunteers will work on making bookmarks that they can hand out through our various programs. They will print bookmarks for kids and families to decorate and people will be encouraged to make their own as well. They will be laminated and given out at their various programs.

4 - Marbles Kids Museum - Exhibit & Event Preparation

Marbles sparks imagination, discovery and learning through play. Marbles believes play contributes to intellectual growth, social and emotional well-being and physical development.

Volunteers will help prep activity materials for our exhibits and upcoming events. This opportunity can involve cutting, prepping props, cleaning, assembling, and more. Our exhibits, programs and events require lots of materials and preparation that are essential to the experience for our guests.

5 - The Produce Project - Create Nutrition Posters

The Produce Project’s mission is to improve the lives of low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families by providing fresh produce and educating them on nutrition. They are able to do this by supplying fresh bulk produce for our subscribers and then donating the remaining shares to our community members in need.

 Volunteers will be working to create nutritional information posters, writing messages to families in need and filling snack bags as well as creating a receipt out of produce provided on the table.

6 - We Plant It Forward - Find & Sort the Golden Tree Seeds

At We Plant it Forward, nature brings us together and guides our work. By observing nature, we seek to understand how best to be stewards of the Earth and to live in harmony with nature to restore and preserve the environment.

Volunteers will process tree seeds by removing the outer shell or fruit, sorting seeds, water testing seeds, weighing and labeling the tree seeds. They are processing native tree seeds to prepare them for planting at Project Pando, a local native tree nursery.

7 - Oak City Cares - Assembling "Take Care" Kits

Oak City Cares is a public-private partnership that exists to support the self-determination of our neighbors experiencing homelessness through trusting relationships and connections to coordinated services that increase their ability to be safely and stably housed.

Volunteers will assemble “Take Care” kits which will consist of supplies of the necessary items that people in need might not first think of. Volunteers will be filling bags of cough drops, lip balm, and other items that can keep beneficiaries happy and healthy.

8 - Operation Gratitude - Writing Letters and Decorating Pillowcases to Troops

Operation Gratitude’s mission is to say Thank You to our Military and First Responder communities, and to honor their service by creating opportunities for all Americans to express gratitude.

Volunteers will write letters of encouragement and decorate pillowcases that will later be shipped to soldiers. Writing a letter is a simple and meaningful way for volunteers nationwide to say “Thank You” to all who serve. Your kind words could bring lasting joy to a Care Package recipient. 

9 - Crowder Park - Assemble Seed Bombs

Wake County and Crowder Park is excited to be apart of Family Volunteer Day this year. Crowder Park will be a future host site for our Activate Kids program and we are very grateful to have their support!

A Seed Bomb, also known as seed balls are little balls made up of a combination of compost, clay and seeds. The act of using the ball is called Seed bombing, which is the practice of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping the seed bombs. The structure of the bomb enables the seeds to be launched over walls or distances, as the compost and clay act as a barrier to protect and nourish them, so they don’t need to be planted. We will be making these through a hands-on demonstration where I will explain the benefits and how seed bombs work.

10 - Safe Haven for Cats - Cat Toy Making

Safe Haven for Cats’ mission is to use no-kill principles and education to save cats’ lives through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter services and community programs.

Volunteers will help us make Water Bottle Kick toys for the cats. Each water bottle will have a bell placed inside, then will be wrapped in fabric and tied with twine at the ends. We will need rectangular tables and it will be done assembly-line style where participants will start at one end of the table and work their way through the process.

11 - Passage Home - Kindness Rocks

To break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational self-sufficiency for the individuals and families of Wake County by helping them achieve housing and income security.

Volunteers will be using art materials to decorate kindness rocks. These rocks will be take and distributed all around the local community for others to find and collect!

12 - Helps Education Fund - Assembling Literacy Kits

With a focus on improving educational equity and promoting a more just society, Helps Education Fund provides evidence-based programs and services thaat are free or low-cost and meaningfully advance student learning from birth through adulthood.

Volunteers will help put together materials for our HELPS program for literacy.  Each volunteer will work on their own item, so there is no assembly line.

13 - WakeMed - Blanket Making

Serving the community since 1961, WakeMed Health & Hospitals is the leading provider of health services in Wake County. With a mission to improve the health and well-being of our community, WakeMed Health & Hospitals are committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care.

Volunteers will be taught how to create no-sew blankets that will be given to various WakeMed patients at different locations!

Event Map

Check out our map below to find out where your project of interest will be. We encourage all volunteers to try a variety of projects to learn as much about their community as possible!

Thank You, Sponsors!