The eLOVEate Schools Project

Mobilizing community support for Title 1 Schools

About The eLOVEate Schools Project

Between COVID-19 learning loss, staff shortages, and other challenges, schools need support from the communities they serve to thrive – and ensure their students do, too. Individuals, local businesses, and other groups can elevate schools through their volunteer time, talents, and financial and in-kind resources.  Activate Good’s eLOVEate Schools Project brings volunteer support and community resources to under-resourced schools in Wake County.

How We Partner With Schools

Activate Good is partnering with up to 6 Wake County schools each year in 2022, 2023, and 2024 (17 schools over 3 years) to strengthen community support systems for Schools and PTAs. In 2022, we depended our partnerships with 5 Wake County Public Schools. We bolstered volunteer support through projects, supply drives, donated resources and supplies, Listen and Learn programming, and large-scale transformational makeovers.

Schools in Wake County can apply to be an eLOVEate School in the Spring of 2024. After partnerships are confirmed, Activate Good partners with schools for a full year to identify volunteer needs and mobilize volunteer support and resources around those needs. After the year is complete, schools remain Activate Good community partners to continue amplifying their volunteer needs through our volunteer platform.

School Partners

Interested in sponsoring a transformative project supporting one of our school partners? Learn about sponsorship opportunities here, or contact

Past Impacts