Youth, Families and

Opportunities for the next generation of changemakers.

Activating Good is for Everyone

Activate Good’s youth programming offers a wide variety of volunteer, service, and learning opportunities appropriate for teens, families with children, youth and family groups, and schools. Activate Good’s youth programming provides an extensive array of volunteer, service, and educational opportunities tailored to meet the needs and interests of teens, families with children, youth and family groups, and schools. These programs are designed to engage young people in meaningful activities that promote community involvement, personal growth, and social responsibility.

Activate Good’s commitment to youth programming ensures that young people and their families can find fulfilling and accessible ways to contribute to their communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change and fostering a lifelong commitment to service.

Youth Volunteer Corps 

Youth between 11-18 are encouraged to join the Youth Volunteer Corps of the Greater Triangle. This ongoing volunteer program allows teens can give back to their community and earn those all-important service hours for school and college applications. Learn more about our Youth Volunteer Corps Greater Triangle for ages 11-18.

Activate Kids

Families here’s your chance to foster a sense of service and kindness in your little ones while giving back to the community. Activate Kids program provides group volunteer opportunities for families with kids ages 5-10.

Family Volunteer Day

Be part of something BIGGER. Save the date for our annual Family Volunteer Day  on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This is an excellent “introduction” to service for kids ages 3+.

Saturday, November 23, 2024 at Venture Hall in Marbles Kids Museum

(Also, check out Family-friendly opportunities year-round hosted by our Community Partners!)

School Partnerships

Partner with Activate Good to inspire and mobilize youth volunteers. Do you have a need for volunteers or an idea that needs some helping hands? Let’s work together to empower youth and create a brighter future for everyone.