The services and benefits we provide Community Partners are free and take many forms.

Our Community Partners

We’re proud to have partnered with over 600 local nonprofits, schools, and other community organizations to mobilize volunteers around the Triangle.

Learn more about the services we offer eligible Community Partners below.

Interested in applying to become a Community Partner? 
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Services for Community Partners


Volunteer Recruitment and Support Services

Activate Good helps connect volunteers to fulfill volunteer needs with hundreds of Community Partners around the Triangle.


Free Volunteer Management Software

All Community Partners get a free version of Golden, our advanced volunteer management software complete with insights, automations, and registration options.


Days of Service and Special Projects

Community Partners are invited to team up to host projects and receive extra visibility and support during our large-scale community-wide Days of Service.

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Community Partner Eligibility and Expectations

Eligibility requirements to become a Community Partner

We invite eligible 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 tax-exempt public organizations, public K-12 schools, and some local government entities with locations within the Greater Triangle region to apply to become an Activate Good Community Partner to receive our free volunteer program support services. Other organizations may be approved for partnership on a case-by-case basis.

Authorized Community Partner administrators are asked to review Activate Good’s Community Partner Expectations and Terms of Service below prior to submitting your application to become a Community Partner. When you agree to adhere to the Terms of Service and Expectations, you are agreeing on behalf of the Organization and all other staff member(s) who may work through Activate Good and its services.

Disclaimer: Activate Good has the right, at its sole discretion, to amend its partnership eligibility criteria and/or bar certain organizations or agencies from participation at any time for any purpose. This includes an assessment of alignment with our mission, vision, and values and nondiscrimination policy.

Organizations are eligible to be Community Partners if they:

  • Align with our mission, vision, and values.
  • Operate primarily in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), North Carolina or immediately surrounding areas of Wake, Durham, Orange, Johnston, and Chatham counties.
  • Are 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 tax-exempt public organizations, public K-12 schools, or local government entities. Other organizations may be approved for partnership on a case-by-case basis.
  • Have volunteer needs.
  • Serve a strictly charitable purpose. Activate Good will not recruit or connect volunteers:
    to work with private individuals
    to take part in partisan political campaigns
    to work on behalf of for-profit entities
    or to work in any religious organization for the purposes of proselytizing (All work performed for religious organizations must be to provide a community need (i.e. providing food, clothing, tutoring, etc.)).
  • Are willing to uphold our expectations of Partners, including but not limited to maintaining regular communication with Activate Good to keep volunteer needs, volunteer impacts, and other vital information up to date. Please see “Expectations for Community Partners” below for more information.
Community Partner Terms of Service

Community Partners, as users of our volunteer community at, must abide by all Terms of Service for the volunteer community and use of

Specifically, all nonprofits or public agencies using agree that any personal information provided by users (prospective volunteers, confirmed volunteers, or any other users) on is shared with the nonprofit for the purpose of the volunteer opportunity for which the user is registering. Partners must NEVER sell, share or use this information in any manner not consistent with the intended purpose of allowing contact between the volunteer and the Community Partner.

Community Partners must not use or its online volunteer platform to:

  • Solicit cash donations from volunteers
  • Recruit volunteers for the purpose of political campaigning or lobbying, religious proselytization, activities or events serving an exclusive membership organization, or for for-profit businesses.
  • Promote events for the purposes of selling tickets 
Expectations for Community Partners

We ask that Community Partners help us to help them by:

  • Doing your best to ensure positive volunteer experiences with those we recruit for you. Consistent negative feedback from volunteers we send to you may result in no longer receiving our services.
  • Maintaining timely communication with us.
  • Keeping volunteer needs and organization information (such as changes to contact information, location, etc.) up to date. Only Community Partners with accurate/up to date volunteer information will be invited to participate in Activate Good outreach events and Days of Service. This is to ensure that volunteers and potential volunteers have access to all of the correct information they need in order to decide to volunteer their time and skills to your organization.
  • Helping us measure our service to your organization by confirming volunteer hours and impacts completed by volunteers we recruit for and connect to your organization.
  • Providing feedback by completing an occasional survey or evaluation to help us regularly improve our services to you.
  • Posting links to your volunteer needs hosted on our website on social media and other sites.
  • Telling others about us! We do not charge Community Partners any fee for our services, however, we hope that Community Partners will play a part in helping spread the word about our services. The farther our reach, the better able we are to serve your organization and other worthy causes. There are many ways to help us spread the word, such as:

    Following us on Facebook 
    Following us on Twitter 
    Following us on Instagram 

    Joining us on LinkedIn 
    Posting about our partnership on social media (don’t forget to tag us!)

    Placing our logo or a link to Activate Good on your website
    Writing a blog post or newsletter announcing our partnership
    Including Activate Good as an option on your website when asking volunteers how they heard about your organization

Is there a cost to be a Community Partner?

Nope! We provide these services at no cost to eligible organizations in the Triangle, subsidizing the costs we incur by doing this work through donations, sponsorships, grants, and program revenue from other sources.

That said, we never turn down support! If you or someone you know would like to support our work, check out our Donate page.

What does the Community Partner onboarding process entail?

Once you submit your Community Partner application, our Senior Programs Manager will review your organization’s information and reach out to schedule a required onboarding phone call or meeting. If there are additional questions before your organization can be approved, you may be contacted.

Upon approval, we will create an organizational profile for you in our volunteer management platform (Golden) and invite the volunteer contact provided in your application to take ownership. Then, the administrator will be able to update their own Golden account and user settings, including adding other administrators.

When you start posting volunteer opportunities, any opportunities you mark as “public” will be automatically shared with our public-facing database, visited by thousands of prospective volunteers each month!

What kinds of volunteer needs can I post?

All kinds! 

Opportunities can be one-off, ongoing / rolling, multi-day, long-term, or other frequency.

Examples: Community Partners may post opportunities for staffing special events, hosting and managing donation drives, pro bono professional support, board recruitment, long-term committed support (e.g., tutors or caregivers), single day or recurring volunteer needs (e.g., monthly garden days or seasonal landscaping), and more. Activate Good cannot support solicitations for monetary donors.

Have more questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you soon!