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Deepen your understanding of issues impacting the Triangle community

About Learn and Serve

In 2023, Activate Good launched a new model for volunteer engagement: The Learn and Serve.

Learn and Serve is a new approach that aims to transform volunteering into a vehicle for greater civic participation and empowerment. The Learn and Serve model deepens engagement and understanding while challenging volunteers to take what they’ve learned to the next level through repeat participation, outreach and advocacy.

Why Learn and Serve?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and periods of heightened social unrest over the last few years, the world of volunteerism has significantly changed. For example:

  • A recent Points of Light study demonstrates that “spending time learning more about the issue” was the #1 action millennials take to support community issues 
  • Not everyone who helps their community uses the “volunteer” label, and people want to help in a variety of ways, sometimes outside of traditional volunteering. A few years ago, Points of Light released a framework for recognizing 9 different ways people create positive change in their communities called The Civic Circle!

As the Triangle region’s Points of Light Affiliate, Activate Good is working to evolve and incorporate the Civic Circle framework and these findings into our programs and throughout our organization. Our Learn and Serve model is one of the ways we are doing this.

Current Learn and Serve Host Sites