Triangle Businesses
for Good

Resources, events, recognition, and civic engagement.

Triangle Businesses for Good (TBG) members engage with Activate Good as part of a movement to create positive change. Through TBG, member businesses discuss social responsibility, inclusive and deep-impact employee volunteerism, and the business community’s role in creating both short and long-term impacts. Members have opportunities to network, serve together, and collaborate with Activate Good and each other to move the needle on local issues.

We structure Triangle Businesses for Good (TBG) programming and benefits based on member feedback.

Being a part of TBG means you get:

  • Membership directory access
  • Exclusive LinkedIn discussion group
  • Quarterly E-newsletter with CSR insights, employee volunteer engagement best practices, and social impact news
  • FREE Business Account on Activate Good’s volunteer portal, where you can curate opportunities for your team, send invites, track impacts, and more

TBG members participate in networking, educational, and social responsibility events with peers.

  • Company Logo on TBG webpage
  • Social Media recognition as a new TBG member
  • Members-only service projects
  • Curated volunteer opportunity recommendations
  • Early access to select projects during Activate Good large-scale Days of Service

NEW! TBG Exclusive - Days of Service Sponsorships

Introducing: Learn and Serve Projects for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses!

Membership Fees

The membership fee for Triangle Businesses for Good is $500 for a full year. Upon acceptance of your business application, an invoice will be sent to you for membership payment. Your contribution helps us plan and execute events and contributes to our overall mission to engage the Triangle community in making an impact!

Triangle Businesses for Good Members

Triangle Businesses for Good Partners

Our partners not only are members but also get the word out about TBG and help us execute programming!

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