Your Opportunity to Join the Activate Good Team

What will you do? Work toward a better world.

Do more than work. Join Activate Good for your opportunity to turn what you’re good at into an opportunity to make a difference for others.

Activate Good’s mission, vision, values and entire history is based on the idea that everyone can influence positive change by taking action. When you join our team, you take action every day to support real community needs in North Carolina’s Triangle community with a growing network of partnerships.

Below is more information about our process and a list of available team roles that just might be the one for you.

About Job Opportunities

Any specific opportunities to join Activate Good’s team will be listed below as needed. Opportunities may include internships, staff positions, and Board of Director seats.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, feel free to email a letter of interest / cover letter and copy of your most recent resume. (No calls please.) In your letter, consider discussing goals for your future; even if you don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, you likely have interests that you’re exploring, and we’d love to get to know you in that way and understand how we may connect.

    Applications are ongoing for Future Consideration** in the following areas:

    • Administrative Support
    • Programs Coordinators
    • Fund Development Coordinators
    • Marketing Interns*
    • Fund Development Interns*
    • Wake Tech Programs Interns (special partnership; active WT students only)

    *Internships may be paid or unpaid. Please review current openings for specifics when applicable.

    **The opportunities for Future Consideration are not guaranteed. Growth projections and plans may change at any time based on organizational need and budget. Applications submitted for future consideration will be reviewed if and when a relevant opportunity opens.  Applications may not be kept beyond 12 months; please email to inquire about the status of your submission. Thank you for your understanding and interest in our team!

    About Board of Directors Opportunities

    Learn more about our Board of Directors recruitment process here.

    What We Look For

    Professional skills are pivotal, but some other things that we look for in prospective teammates:

    • Interest in community, ranging from volunteer activity to special community-related interests (how you get your good vibes, what you “geek out” over – passion!)
    • A collaborator who also knows how to take the reins, applying independence and seeking autonomy when appropriate
    • Ability to learn new things fast, research how-to and teach yourself as needed
    • Authenticity
    • Innovation or talent for thinking outside of the box
    • Fun Bonus: Special skills that can be applied to events, volunteer projects and team-building, like artsy hobbies, power tools, random certifications from fun side gigs (hello, yogis), etc.
    Before You Apply

    Before You Apply:

    Review the job description below and our website carefully to ensure a good fit.

    Include a cover letter that illustrates your fit for the role as well as the team. We’d love to get to know you in a way that is authentic. What are you interested in? What do you “geek out” over? How will you grow with us?

    Prep your resume and collect at least 2 references (one should be a supervisor).
    Submit your application on the next tab. You’ll hear back from us once we process your submission.

    Submit Your Application

    To apply, follow this link and complete the form there.

    The link will open in a new tab.

    Having trouble with the form? Email

    Equal Opportunity

    Activate Good is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, veteran status, age, sex, genetic information, gender identification, sexual orientation, or marital status.

    Reasonable Accommodation

    To ensure equal access to available positions, we can work with applicants to provide reasonable accommodations during the application process. If you would like to speak with us about accommodations further prior to submitting this form, please call 919-535-6550 ext. 0 or email

    Current Openings

    Wake Tech Students Only: Spring 2024 Programs Intern Team

    Important Specifications


    • There are two (2) spots available on the Wake Tech intern team.
    • All Interns must be age 18 or older to apply.
    • Interns will be eligible for a stipend, which will be paid based on an hourly rate over the course of their internship. Worked hours are paid monthly on the last business day of the month.
    • Applicant enrollment at Wake Tech during the 2024 Spring semester is required and will be confirmed prior to any offer for an interview. Providing your school-assigned email is required in your application in order to confirm enrollment.
    • Activate Good’s Internships are expected to be hybrid (remote with in-person as needed for meetings, projects and events) unless otherwise agreed to.
    Internship Overview

    Through a special partnership with Wake Tech Community College, Activate Good will welcome two (2) interns. 

    This internship is hours-based (120-150 hours per intern).

    Start and End Dates (January 29 and May 11, respectively) are pending confirmation with accepted interns. Scheduling may be impacted by an individual intern’s personal goals and scheduling abilities, as well as the intern team’s needs and assignments.

    All internships with Activate Good will have a project, event and program leadership focus, though different interns also may support varied functions representative of their skills and interests (example: social media content, photography, etc.).

    What is an "Intern Team"?

     At Activate Good, an intern team is made up of 2-4 individual interns who work together toward common goals much like professional-level teams. Interns will need to truly work together to discuss and finalize the fine details of their team’s assignments, and hold each other accountable to meet deadlines. Interns will have the opportunity to practice collaboration, planning, deadline and time management, and more. 

    Depending on the assignment and after receiving a hard deadline and deliverable details from their direct supervisor, interns may help build out the task list and timeline for completion. Interns will: 

    • discuss the assignment;
    • practice evaluating its parts to determine any possible components that the assignment requires in order to be complete;
    • determine suitable times for intern team meetings, milestones or check-ins and reviews;
    • delegate tasks / components between teammates;
    • and propose their draft plan and timeline to their supervisor before jumping into implementation.

    Assignments may include:

    • Leading volunteers at service projects 
    • Planning and leading service project components
    • Planning and leading learning events or learning components at service projects
    • Sourcing project supplies for purchase
    • Preparing project supplies for volunteers pre-project
    • Creating project instructions and/or run-of-show
    • Supporting outreach efforts leading up to public volunteer events
    • Crafting infographics for post-project impacts
    • Drafting newsletter content
    • And more!

    Big things happening Spring 2024 that the intern team may support:

    • National Volunteer Month & Annual Campaign (April-May)
    • Many custom corporate service events and projects
    • Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC), Activate Kids, and Learn and Serve (LandS) – all Ongoing/Year Round Programming)

    Technology – all interns will learn and use:, Google (gmail, drive, photos, calendar)

    Technology – interns may learn and use based on their assignments: Canva, iContact, SurveyMonkey, WordPress

    Tips for your Letter

    Your cover letter / letter of intent does not need to be long. We suggest one to two paragraphs to describe more about your professional goals, why you are completing an internship and what experiences you hope to gain this semester. Please include special interests and skills we can consider in your assignments, and why you’re interested in Activate Good’s mission. If you’re looking for more insight, take a look at the “What We Look For” info tab at the top of this page. Have fun with it!

    Special Skills / Experience

    The following Skills and Experiences are preferred:

    • Excellent communication skills and hygiene: timely, clear, concise, ability to conduct unprompted follow ups as needed, etc.
    • Solid tech skills; experience with the following or similar tools is beneficial: Google apps, Excel,, Canva, WordPress and Elementor, SurveyMonkey, iContact, etc.
    • Ability to manage their own assignments and deadlines
    • Ability to work as a team to determine next steps and delegation
    • Proactive: Interns are encouraged to think ahead through the process required to complete assignments, ask questions in advance, and meet or exceed deadlines as often as possible
    • Initiative: When able, interns are encouraged to bring new ideas to their supervisors and team, as well as seek new assignments, ways to pitch in, and opportunities to learn
    • Experience volunteering or otherwise working with nonprofits, public services and community organizations
    • Experience in special areas of interest (fund development, marketing, etc.) that the intern may communicate in their cover letter and may have the opportunity to investigate further during their internship term.

    Learn more about what we look for in teammates earlier in this page under “What We Look For”.

    Other Things To Expect

    All Activate Good staff and interns work with their own laptop in a hybrid capacity (remote, with in-person as needed) during typical business hours unless otherwise discussed for special events and projects.

    Our organization is highly event-focused; some traveling within the Triangle area may be required, and some scheduling may be influenced by specific needs of assignments. Interns should have their own transportation, or be able to coordinate transportation to and from accepted assignment locations.

    For events and projects, our team spends a lot of time moving around (standing, lifting, carrying, reaching, etc.). Project and event environments can range from our warehouse, to schools, to corporate offices, nonprofit locations, conference venues, and more. 

    Learn more about what we look for in teammates earlier in this page under “What We Look For”.

    Compensation and Benefits

    Through a special partnership with Wake Tech, this specific internship is able to offer each intern an hourly stipend of $15. 

    As temporary employees:

    • Interns will be paid through direct deposit monthly on the last business day of the month
    • Interns are subject to income taxes
    • Interns are not eligible for mileage reimbursement, except when assignments are associated with a special project or event with a budget to provide such support to all affiliated teammates at Activate Good
    • Interns are not eligible for insurance or other employee benefits
    • Each intern enters their internship agreement with Activate Good understanding that this is a temporary role with finite specifications for payment, hours, and latest end date – and no expectation of work beyond set maximums of their offer letter

    Interested in future openings? Let us know!