Support Activate Good through your annual Qualified Charitable Distribution

Support Activate Good through your annual Qualified Charitable Distribution

We’re inviting you to invest in a compassionate future for the Triangle.

Did you know?

If you have a Traditional, SEP, or Simple IRA and your age exceeds 72, you are required to withdraw a required minimum distribution each year by December 31 to avoid a 50% tax penalty for every required dollar not withdrawn. Additionally, withdrawn funds are taxable income, subject to additional tax costs.
*please note, for 2020, all required minimum distributions (RMDs) have been suspended

Create a win-win by donating any portion of your required minimum distribution this year to Activate Good! Activate Good recruits and matches volunteers to over 500 causes in our community, sending these causes the manpower they need to tackle critical issues like hunger, literacy, homelessness, and more. Donations to Activate Good have a great return on investment for creating a compassionate future for the Triangle — Every $1 donated to Activate Good creates a value of $3 or more in capacity for causes in our community.

Learn more about this great return on investment and our impacts in the community here.

Donate a portion of your Required Minimum Distribution to Activate Good

Direct your financial advisor to directly make your donation from your Qualified Charitable Distribution to Activate Good this giving season. Checks may be mailed to:

Activate Good
1053 East Whitaker Mill Road
Suite 115
Raleigh, NC 27604

As always, please consult your financial or tax advisor with any additional questions.