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Triangle Businesses for Good Summit

Where businesses gather to grow their good

Activate Good also works throughout the year with companies to support and enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Triangle Businesses for Good (TBG) is Activate Good’s membership group where civically-minded professionals join our movement to create positive change. Through discussion, networking, educational resources, and volunteer events, creating both short and long-term impacts.

At our annual Triangle Businesses for Good Summit, professionals will network and learn about current Corporate Social Responsibility topics and employee volunteerism from local experts and their peers!

TBG Summit 2024

Theme: Wellness in the Workplace
Perspectives on integrating wellness into business with a focus on community-building through volunteerism.

We’ve been hearing from so many HR, community engagement, and other CSR professionals about how concerned they are about their employees mental health, community (internally and externally) engagement, and company culture in the context of new work environments.

  • The surgeon general’s report on isolation and loneliness named volunteering as an antidote
  • A recent Forbes article reported on recent research on employee wellness programs: “of all the programs offered, only one led to the conclusion that it increased the wellbeing of the employee who engaged in it: the opportunity to do charity or volunteer work
  • One study found that volunteering at least once a week gives you the same boost to wellbeing as a salary increase from $20,000 to $75,000 (Thrive Global).

Join us as we highlight ways to engage, support, and retain employees with tactics fo integrating wellness initiatives into your company culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Triangle Businesses for Good?

Triangle Businesses for Good (TBG) is a membership group for Triangle area for-profit companies of all sizes. Members engage with Activate Good as part of a movement to create positive change. Through TBG, member businesses discuss social responsibility, inclusive and deep-impact employee volunteerism, and the business community’s role in creating both short and long-term impacts. Members have opportunities to network, serve together, and collaborate with Activate Good and each other to move the needle on local issues.


How does my company join Triangle Businesses for Good?

Learn more about annual membership fees and how to apply here!

Does my company have to be a TBG member to attend this Summit?

Nope! But, TBG members receive discounts on Summit tickets (among other year-round perks!).

May 15, 2024

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