Youth, Families & Schools

Everything for the under-18 crowd & the people who encourage them to do good.

Activate Good’s youth programming offers a wide variety of volunteer and service learning opportunities and resources appropriate for teens, families with children, youth and family groups, and schools – including focused tips for overcoming everyday obstacles to volunteering that we all face. Learn more and start activating some good below! Meet our Youth Programming Coordinator here, and email with any questions.

Youth are more likely to volunteer when they have friends and family who volunteer, and when they are engaged by their schools, youth organizations, and religious groups. Learn more about the statistics and other professional, social, and health benefits of volunteering at Youth Service America.


Activate teens to realize their potential to do good and inspire others along the way with these great tips to get teens of all ages volunteering in their communities.


Be a Family of Superheroes. Find ways to get your family volunteering and work around those busy schedules of yours.


Learn more about our Teens Change the World! 2019 Summer Program, inspired by our very own Community Leadership & Service Curriculum for educators.


Next to family, school & youth group leaders are next in line to activate the next generation of community superheroes. Tap into resources and services now.

Days of Service

Community connections abound at our three annual Days of Service, engaging everyone from kids to CEOs. Click here to learn how you can join local do-gooders in service.