Activate Kids

Service opportunities for families with kids ages 5-10

Fun and do-gooding for the whole family.

Cooking Up Character Joins the Activate Good Family as “Activate Kids”. Learn how to participate below!

Join Activate Kids!

1: GET STARTED: Parent / Guardian, Complete our Registration and Waiver here!

2: PROJECTS: Receive a list of upcoming Activate Kids service projects and initiatives from Activate Good every few weeks. Sign up for the ones you’re interested in! There is no minimum (or maximum) number of projects you can do – do what you can, on your schedule!

3: SURVEYS: Help us learn how we’re doing! Throughout the year, we’ll ask you to complete a quick survey to let us know how things are going and give us ideas on how we can make the program even better.


When (and how) did Activate Kids launch?

We are so grateful to announce that Cooking Up Character has decided to join the Activate Good family as “Activate Kids”.  Activate Kids will use Cooking Up Character’s format of monthly projects.

Save the Date for the official launch of the program to be held at Family Volunteer Day on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

How do projects work?

Monthly Family Projects
Each Monthly Project has a Character Trait Focus, a Learning Component, and a Hands On Community Impact component! Our dual mission is to educate and mobilize kids and their families to make a difference in their local communities but through helping non profits, community organizations, service organizations, fire stations, etc with many of our projects.

What issues does Activate Kids tackle?


  • Our projects benefit one of these Service Pillars: Family, School, Community and Nature.
  • Our Learning Pillars are STEM, Physical Fitness, Personal Development and the Arts

Have more questions?

Contact and we’ll get back to you soon!