Plan and implement a consistent social media presence through Facebook, twitter and instagram
Keep the WELL "in the news". Post pictures, quotes and event info across multiple platforms - FB, Instagram and Twitter.
Volunteer to make regular updates and corrections to our website in Word Press.
Using an existing template, a volunteer will draft and distribute the WELL's e-newsletter 2x/month through iContact.
Bring a love for plants and nature to children! Be a station leader guiding hands-on activities. We provide ALL the background information and activities for the tours.
Need a Wordpress wizard to help us update/optimize/cleanup our website. We can handle basic functions, but need YOUR expertise!
Opportunity includes helping student teams develop their business CASH FLOW for their concept; write and create their business plan display for their school EXPO on March 24; judge semi-finals on March 24 or judge finals Shark Tank on April 5.
It's time to start the farm gardens! Our little community farm is in need of a 10x10 shed to store the garden tools, mowers and planting supplies.
The hens and baby chicks need a new home! You can help build a fun chicken coop to keep the chickens safe while also being a featured building for families to enjoy.
You can help make a home for our local birds and bats on the community farm. The bats are excellent at keeping the mosquitoes under control and the bird houses are to help migratory and local birds.